Fan Favorite Top Ten Frasier Episodes

Here's a list of submitted Top Ten Frasier Episodes. If you haven't submitted yet, let us know your top ten Frasier episodes.

Kate's Top Frasier Episodes
submitted on 04/26/2021
The first 2 tie, to be honest.
I tried, this was so hard, but alas, here is my final list. Frasier has always been, and always will be, my favorite show.
  1. [4.01] The Two Mrs. Cranes
  2. [10.08] Rooms With a View [2]
  3. [7.15] Out With Dad
  4. [6.10] Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz
  5. [5.09] Perspectives On Christmas
  6. [4.18] Ham Radio
  7. [2.23] The Innkeepers
  8. [6.20] Dr. Nora
  9. [2.21] An Affair To Forget
  10. [5.15] Room Service

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