Something Borrowed, Someone Blue [2]

Something Borrowed, Someone Blue [2]    Written by Christopher Lloyd 
                                        & Joe Keenan
                                        Directed by Pamela Fryman
Production Code: 7.24.
Episode Number in Production Order: 168
Episode Filmed on: 28th March 2000
Original Airdate on NBC: May 18th 2000.
Transcript written on May 25th 2000.
Transcript revised on 2nd June 2001

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This is Part One: [7.23]

Transcript {david langley}


Scene One - Lounge at Wayside Inn

The lounge off the dining room of the Wayside Inn.  Frasier enters with 
a Miss Carney, the hostess.

 Carney: This is the lounge.  And through there is the dining area 
         where the rehearsal dinner will be.
Frasier: Oh, this is lovely.  Say, have you seen the bride-to-be yet?  
         I'd like to have a word with her.
 Carney: No, I haven't. 

Donny and Daphne enter from the dining area.

  Donny: So, I thought we'd have the toast right before desert.
 Daphne: Dr. Crane!
Frasier: Gosh Daphne, I was wondering where you'd gotten to yesterday.
 Daphne: Well, after the caterer's, I went straight to Donny's so 
         we could leave bright and early together.  It's lovely up  
         here, isn't it?
Frasier: Oh, yes.
  Donny: Anybody else want something from the bar? [To bartender]  
         Uh, Scotch, rocks.
 Daphne: Donny, it's barely noon!
  Donny: Isn't that when your mom said she'd be here?
 Daphne: [to bartender] Give him a double.
Frasier: Daphne, I was actually hoping that I could- 

Roz enters.

    Roz: Oh, I'll have whatever he's having.
 Daphne: Roz!
    Roz: I don't even know why I agreed to come to this wedding.  Hi, 
         Daphne.  I was all set to drive up here myself, when I think, 
         "Wait a minute!  I can't walk into that lobby alone, what if 
         my ex-boyfriend's here?"  So I agree to drive up with Simon.  
         There I am, standing on the curb with my garment bag and what  
         does he pull up in?  Your father's Winnebago!  

She gets her drink from the bartender.  

    Roz: Thank you.  Don't go anywhere. [to the others] Next thing 
         I know, we're headed down the highway, in the wrong direction, 
         towards the airport.

The bartender turns away.

    Roz: Hey!  I wasn't kidding. [to Daphne] Turns out he's promised 
         to ferry your entire family up here.
 Daphne: All fourteen of them?
    Roz: Fifteen.  Your Aunt Ida got the weekend off from the bakery.  
         Judging by the size of her, it'll be the first Saturday they 
         turn a profit.
Frasier: You know, Donny, maybe you could take Roz out for a walk in 
         that rejuvenating country air?  While I have a word with 
         your fiancée?
  Donny: Come on Roz, let's go.

Roz grabs the bottle the bartender is pouring from.

    Roz: You don't mind if I just take this with me, do you?
Barkeep: Well, uh...
    Roz: I didn't think so.  

She and Donny exit.  Frasier and Daphne sit at a table.

Frasier: Daphne, I wanted you to know that I am just completely 
         devastated by what happened.
 Daphne: It's all right, Dr. Crane.
Frasier: It's just that when I advised you to have a chat with Niles, 
         I had no idea that he'd run off and get married.
 Daphne: I know you're concerned for me, but I'm fine.  I thought about 
         it all last night and I realize that what I was feeling was 
         just wedding jitters.  I do love your brother, but I'm in love 
         with Donny.
Frasier: You're not just putting on a brave face?
 Daphne: No.  I'm a bit embarrassed now, making you worry for no 
Frasier: Oh, it's all right, Daphne.  It's what I do.
 Daphne: You've always been such a wonderful friend.  In fact, 
         I brought this for the honeymoon, [takes the '45 Petrus 
         out of her bag] but I'd like you to have it.
Frasier: Oh, Daphne, I couldn't.
 Daphne: No, Donny and I aren't wine drinkers.
Frasier: I wouldn't dream of it, really.
 Daphne: All right then, I'll keep it.
Frasier: [reaching out] Oh, now I've hurt your feelings.  Here... 
         [They laugh] Oh gosh, Daphne.  I tell you what: I promise 
         that when I do drink this, I'll be thinking of you.
 Daphne: Oh, come here.
Frasier: Oh, Daph...  

As they hug, an elderly woman comes in behind them.

    Mum: There's my baby!
 Daphne: Mummy! 

She runs over and hugs her.

 Daphne: Mum, this is...
    Mum: Oh, I know who he is, love. [To Frasier] I want to thank you, 
         Donny, for rescuing my daughter from that horrible Dr. Crane.  
Frasier: Well, actually...
    Mum: Every time I call her, I'm not on the phone five minutes, 
         before that tyrant is ordering her to hang up. [To bartender] 
         Cup of tea, please.  Thought my daughter might get me one, 
         but she didn't. [She sits] Oh, this seat's worse than that 
         Winnebago!  Though not half as uncomfortable as that sardine-
         tin of a room you arranged for me.  

Frasier brings her tea.  

    Mum: Oh, God, can't bear the smell of that, take it away.  
         Reminds me of the salmon they served on that airplane. 
         Oh, if it doesn't have me hurling me guts out, it'll 
         be by God's own intervention.  Now, give your new mom 
         a kiss, Donny.
 Daphne: Actually, Mum, this isn't Donny.
  Donny: [entering] Oh, is this Mum?  
 Daphne: This is Donny!
  Donny: Hi!
    Mum: Well, come here, let's have a good look at you. [To Frasier] 
         We were starting to think our Daphne would never find herself 
         a young man. [Looks at Donny] And I see she hasn't.  But, 
         beggars can't be choosers. [Gets up] Well, I'm gonna see if 
         your father's stomach is feeling any better.  He keeps saying 
         it's tension!  What he's got to be tense about, I'll never 

She leaves, the others look at each other.

 Daphne: [cheerfully] I was worried she'd be in one of her dark moods.


Scene Two - The Lounge - Evening FADE IN: Frasier is sitting at the bar. Martin and Donny come in from the dining area. Other guests can be heard through the doors. Donny: Boy, Daphne's brothers know how to let loose, don't they? Martin: I'll say. Now listen, about their names: the one who'll eat anything on a bet, that's Nigel... Donny: No, no, that's Peter. Nigel's the one whose band-aid he ate. See you later. He leaves and Martin goes to the bar. Martin: Hey, Fras. Had enough? Frasier: Oh, yeah. I think I hit my limit when I looked down in the middle of my toast and there was a man chewing on my boutonnière. Martin: Ah, God, it's been a hell of a week. I STILL can't get over Niles and Mel. Frasier: Didn't see that one coming. Martin: Well, at least he say she makes him happy. So, there's nothin' you can do about it, right? Frasier: Actually... Martin: Fras! Don't even think about trying to talk him out of it. He's married, end of story. Frasier: It's really not that simple Dad. You see... Ah, I shouldn't be talking to you about this. Martin: Is this about Daphne? Frasier: Why do you say that? Martin: Oh, come on. I've got eyes, I know something's going on. I've seen the way she's been looking at him. Frasier: She found out how Niles has felt about her all these years. Martin: You're kidding! How'd she find out? Frasier: That's not important right now, Dad. The problem is that she told me she thinks she might have the same feelings for him. Martin: Oh, geez... Frasier: 'Course then Niles shows up married, now she says it's just jitters. Martin: Well, you can't tell Niles all this, he says he's happy with Mel. Frasier: She says she's happy with Donny. But I'm not sure I believe either one of them. Martin: Just remember Fras, there are two marriages on the line here. So, before you get involved, you better make damn sure you know what you're doing. They sit in silence for a moment. Martin: Who blabbed? Roz? Frasier: Yes, but she feels terrible. Simon enters with his sleeves rolled up. He pats the boys on the back, also drying his wet hands on their jackets. Simon: Hello, boys! Pack of smokes, please, barkeep. Ah, lovely spot, isn't it? I just took a nice little stroll outside, around the wishing well. Barkeep: That'll be four dollars, please. Simon: Oh, yeah, right. He pulls a bunch of coins out of his pockets and drops them on the bar. Simon: This oughta cover it. Roz comes in from the dining room with a young man in tow. Roz: Tim! What a surprise! I had no idea you'd be here. Simon? Come here. Simon: Oh, showtime. He grabs Frasier's drink and goes over. Roz: Simon, this is my old friend Tim. He's a computer programmer. Simon: Oh, what a coincidence, with me owning my own software company. Tim: Really? What sort of applications are you focused on? Simon: Voice recognition, data encryption, a little something I'm working on for NASA, can't discuss that one. Tim: Very impressive. And Roz? Are you still producing? Simon: Oh, I'll say she is! He gives her a smack on the behind. She gives him a shocked glare and they go into the dining area. Tim goes out the front as Daphne and Donny enter. Donny: Mind if we join you guys? Martin: Sure. Frasier: Please, there's plenty of room. Martin: [to bartender] Uh, give me a beer, please Daphne: Sorry we didn't get a toast out of you, Mr. Crane. Martin: Oh, I'm sorry. I really wanted to, Daphne, but I just felt kind of awkward. Daphne: Oh, It's all right. Anyway, I should be toasting you. I'm gonna miss you, you rotten old sod. Barkeep: Ballantine okay? Martin: Oh, yeah, that's my beer! The bartender gives him a mug. Martin: Yes. You know, I just found out they're gonna quit making this stuff? Frasier: Really? Martin: Yeah. Frasier: There's the end of an era. Martin: That's right. It's gonna be one sad day when I get down to my last one. You know, it's funny. You get used to having something in your life. It's part of your day, you just take it for granted. Then, suddenly it's gone and you realize how much it meant to you. Daphne, moved, puts her hand on his arm, Martin makes a little "Oh, go on" gesture. Niles enters from the dining area with Mel. Niles: Hey, guys! Great party. Frasier: Oh, Mel, why don't you take my seat, I'm going to sit here and just enjoy the music. Martin: I'll join you, Fras. Take my beer over there? I just want to go to the rest room. Frasier takes the beer to a table, as Martin exits. Donny: You know, seeing as how this is my last night as a carefree bachelor, [to Mel] would you care to dance, Miss? Mel: I'd love to. Niles: Uh, oh. Mel and Donny go to the dance floor, Niles sits down next to Daphne. Niles: Well, you certainly picked the perfect spot for your wedding. Daphne: It is, isn't it? We're doing the ceremony in the garden. Niles: Mmm, it'll be beautiful. A moment of silence. Daphne: I love this song. Niles: Well, where are my manners? Would you like to dance? Daphne: All right! Give us a chance to keep an eye on those two. They go to the floor and start dancing. As the scene progresses they get closer and smoother. Niles: Ahh, it's been a while since we danced together. Daphne: Yes, it has. Niles: Thanks for dinner. It's been a wonderful evening. Daphne: It's one of those times you just don't want to end. They end up cheek to cheek, almost melting in each others arms, just as the number finishes. Donny: Excuse me, sir. Mind if I cut in? Niles: Not at all. Donny: Thank you. He and Daphne begin to dance. Niles: Darling. He and Mel begin to dance. Frasier has been watching this and sees Niles glance at Daphne then, as he turns away, Daphne look at Niles. FADE OUT. END OF ACT THREE ACT FOUR Scene One - Frasier's Hotel Room FADE IN: In Frasier's hotel room, which has connecting doors to those of Donny/Daphne and Niles/Mel. A draped door leads to a balcony. There are twin beds with wing chairs at the foot of each. The door opens and Frasier and Niles come in. Niles: What in the world was so urgent that you brought me all the way up here? Frasier: Niles, just sit down. There's something I need to discuss with you. They sit down on the beds facing each other. Frasier: I was watching you on the dance floor just now, and the look in your eyes was unmistakable. Niles: Well, can you blame me? Mel's quite the little dancer. Of course her vertigo rules out any serious twirling, but... Frasier: Niles, I'm talking about Daphne. The way you were looking at her... well, it just breaks my heart. Niles: Frasier, it was one thing when you were beating this drum the other day, but I'm married now. What's it going to take to convince you that I am over her? Frasier: She knows. Niles: What? Frasier: Daphne knows that you have feelings for her. She's known for some time. Niles: How? Frasier: Well, it's a long story. but... I think Roz said something. Anyway, she knows! Niles: I knew you thought my marriage to Mel was hasty, but to poison it like this... [He gets up and heads for the door] I'm not going to listen to this. Frasier: Niles, Daphne feels the same way about you! Niles turns, stunned. Frasier: At least I think she does. She told me as much the other day and then denied once you got married. But I saw the way she was looking at you downstairs just now. Niles: Oh, my God. Frasier: Niles, I'm not in the habit of breaking up people's marriages. But how could I not tell you? You're my brother, I love you. There is a knock at the door. Mel: [from outside] Niles, darling? Niles: [opening the door] Yes, honey. Mel: You left with our only room key. Niles: Here, I'll let you through this way. I am so sorry. Mel: Oh, it's all right. You have a whole lifetime to make it up to me. She kisses him and goes into their room. Niles closes the door behind her and begins gasping for air. He is in full-blown, hyperventilating panic-attack mode. He staggers to a chair and sits. Niles: This is awful. I love Mel. It's just... Frasier: I know, I know... Niles: [thinks for a moment] I have to talk to Daphne. Come with me. Maybe while I'm speaking to her, you can find some way to occupy - [they open the door, revealing - ] Donny! Daphne! Donny: Hey, doc. Things are getting a little too wild for us down there. Niles: Oh well, it's just as well. We all have a very big day tomorrow. About that, Daphne could I have a word with you? Daphne: All right. Donny: Yeah, you go ahead. I'm just gonna get out of these shoes and I'll see you in a few minutes. He goes off to their room. Frasier: You know, I'll just brave the hordes, see if I can't get myself a nightcap. Uh, good night. He leaves, Daphne enters. Niles: So, Daphne... Daphne: Yes? Niles: May I offer you something to drink? Daphne: Um, no thank you. Niles: Oh, all right. Anyway, Daphne... Daphne: Perhaps an Orangina. Niles: Oh, all right, maybe I'll join you. Daphne: [sitting in one of the chairs] Funny thing about Orangina: I never buy Orangina at home, but whenever I'm in a hotel and there's a mini-bar, it's the first thing I go for. Orangina... Niles has gotten two bottles from the mini-bar and gives her one. He sits in the other chair so they are side by side and not facing each other. Niles: Anyway, I was just talking to Frasier about a conversation you two had. Daphne: Oh, dear! Niles: No, no. Don't get upset. Daphne: I specifically asked him not to say anything. What was he thinking? She gets up and goes to the desk by the main door. Niles: [getting up to follow her] No, I'm glad he told me. Daphne: Oh, yes! So we can have a big talk about it! That's what you psychiatrists always do, drag everything out into the open so we can work through it. No matter how awkward it might be. Well, I just don't see the point! Niles: No, Daphne, I'm glad he told me - because I love you. Daphne is stunned. Then Martin comes through the door, with wet hair. Martin: Ah, excuse me. Niles: Dad... Martin: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were in here with Frasier. The boys are playing a game called "William Tell" with the seltzer hose. He laughs, then finally sees Daphne. Martin: Oh. Uh, well, anyway... why don't you two go on doing whatever you were doing and I'll just, uh, I'll be down in the lobby. By the fireplace. He leaves. Daphne: Dr. Crane, you shouldn't say such things. Niles: It's the truth. Lord knows, I have tried to deny it, tried to pretend that I am over you, but not a day has gone by when I haven't thought of you. Your smile, your beautiful eyes, what it would be like to hold your hands and ask you the question I never dared ask! Donny: [coming through the connecting door] What's the difference between a blister and a boil? Daphne: Donny! Donny: God, I took my shoe off and it was like I was growing another ankle bone down here. Doc, you went to med school, what am I supposed to do with this? Lance it or something? Niles: Oh, well, I. You know, as I recall the best thing for that would be to soak it in tepid water for at least half an hour. Donny: All right. What luck! Can you imagine a worse thing to have happen to me on the night before my wedding? He leaves. Daphne: I don't understand! How come you never said anything before? Niles: Daphne, I wanted to. I just... the timing just never seemed right. Daphne: Oh, and the timing's right now? I'm twelve hours from the altar and you're on your honeymoon! Niles: I would never have gotten married if I thought there was the slightest chance that you shared my feelings. Trust me, Daphne, say the word and I will leave Mel in a heartbeat. Mel: [coming through HER connecting door] Niles? Niles: Darling! Mel: I was just looking over these brochures for our honeymoon. Hi Daphne! [To Niles] Now, the Denali has a step-down tub, but the Greeley has the most romantic view of the Grand Canal. What do you think? Niles: I think a woman with your exquisite taste can handle this decision. Mel: [to Daphne] Oh, he says that now. Wait 'til the honeymoon's over. She leaves. Daphne: Don't the doors in this bloody place lock?! Niles: I'll get this one, you get that one. They lock the connecting doors, Niles locks the main door. Niles: Daphne? It is not too late for us. I meant what I said when I said I would leave her. Daphne: That's crazy! Niles: No, no, it's NOT crazy. Not if you feel the same way I do. But I need you to tell me, and I can accept it if the answer is "No." How do you feel about me? Simon comes in the main door. Simon: Pardon. Daphne: Simon! How did you get in here? Simon: Well, Frasier loaned me his key, in a manner of speaking. He opens the mini-bar and begins grabbing bottles. Simon: I have to get some things from the mini-bar, here. Don't want to get caught empty-handed when last call comes. He looks from Daphne to Niles and back. Simon: You're not havin' a last call of your own in here, are you, Stilts? Daphne: Of course not! Simon: Riiight. This isn't the chap whose baby you're havin', is it? Niles: Excuse me?! Daphne: I'm not pregnant! Nigel: [coming in the door] Oi, Simon! Bit o' bad news. Daphne: Nigel! Nigel: Peter's gotten sick into the piano, so we've been asked to vacate the bar. Simon: Bloody hell, Daphne! Nice hotel you picked! Well Nigel, I'm sure Daphne won't mind if we help ourselves to the contents of her mini-bar. 'Way you go. Nigel: Right. [Shouting down the hall] Give us a hand, lads! Daphne: Nigel-! A veritable horde comes pouring through the door — Daphne's brothers, followed by Mum and some other guests. Daphne: Stephen, Peter, David, Michael, Billy! What are you all doing in here? Mum: So here you all are. What is the point of bringing the party down to the Winnebago when there's a perfectly nice room right here? Niles slips out the balcony door. Daphne: You're not moving the party in here! Mum: Oh, Daphne, don't get your blood pressure up! You've got your baby to think of. Here, have a drink and relax. Daphne heads for the balcony. CUT TO: the balcony. Niles is standing at the rail, looking out. Daphne comes through the door behind him. Daphne: I'm sorry about all that. Niles: I must be in love. It doesn't even bother me that you come with them. Lovely night isn't it? Daphne: Mmm. Niles: The stars are out, nice breeze, [he inhales deeply] mmm, night-blooming jasmine. Of course there's the beautiful girl... Daphne: Dr. Crane, I still haven't answered your question. Niles: Yes, I know. That's why I keep talking. In case I don't get the answer I want, I can at least make this moment last a little longer. [Then, for a moment his old fussy self] Not sure if it's jasmine or orange blossoms. You know, a lot of times... Daphne: Oh, for God's sake, Dr. Crane! She throws herself at him and kisses him deeply. Niles: [as the kiss breaks] I think you can call me "Niles" now. He leans in and they kiss again. Then Daphne brings her hands down and pushes back. Daphne: [shaking her head] No. I don't think I can. I do love you, but I can't do this. Niles: Wh-, whe-, uh... I know it will be difficult, but I will get a divorce, and you can call off the wedding. Daphne: I can't! Donny is a dear and wonderful man, and I made a promise to him. And Mel! You made more than a promise to her! And we're supposed to forget that? And for what? We have no idea how we'd be together. For heaven's sake, we've never even been on a date. Niles: Daphne, take it from someone who knows: you don't want to spend half your life thinking about a chance you didn't take. Daphne: I'm sorry. My mind's made up. I think we should say good night now. Niles obviously wants to say more, but knows it's too late. Niles: [finally says] Good night, Daphne. Daphne: Good night, Dr. Crane. She goes back in, leaving Niles standing alone. FADE OUT. Scene Two - The Winnebago. FADE IN: Niles, looking VERY dejected, is sitting in the driver's seat of the Winnebago. The door opens and Frasier and Martin come in. Martin: Hey, Niles. Niles: Don't tell me the ceremony's over already. Martin: Oh, no, it hasn't even started yet. Frasier: Actually, we saw you heading over this way and we thought you could use some company. Niles: I just felt like some privacy. This is one wedding I couldn't see myself handling very well. Martin: Ah, lots of people cry at weddings. Niles: Yeah, but not so many end up wailing and rending their garments. I appreciate your coming over but I'd hate for you to miss it on my account. Frasier: Well, actually it's been delayed a bit. You see, the justice of the peace started out asking the witnesses to step forward, and three of Daphne's brothers just ran off into the woods. He chuckles. There is a knock on the door. Frasier: Ah. He opens the door. A waiter is there. He is carrying a tray with the '45 Petrus and three glasses. Frasier: Hello. Waiter: Here's your wine, sir. Frasier: Yes, thank you very much, young man. [tipping him] And this is for you. Thank you. The waiter leaves. Niles: What is this? Frasier: Well, I got to thinking about our old friend Morrie and how he kept this bottle of wine his entire life, waiting for a special occasion. And then I thought, "What occasion am I saving it for?" And then I thought about what a courageous thing you did last night, taking that chance. And that's worth a toast. [Starts to open the wine] Niles: No, no, Frasier, don't... Frasier: No, too late, the foil is pierced. Martin: I know this thing between you and Mel seems kinda bad right now... Niles: Oh, Dad, why do you say that? Just because I spent the third night of my marriage proposing to another woman? Martin: Well, I'm just saying a marriage can survive all kinds of stuff. You know? You might still be happy. Ten years from now, this could all be ancient history. Niles: I hope you're right. Frasier: All right gentlemen, here we are now. [Passes out the wine] Dad, Niles, allow me. [Raises his glass] To better days. They clink glasses and sip. All of them make confused, unhappy faces. Niles: Dad, where did Morrie keep this? Martin: In his wine rack. Frasier: Which is...? Martin: In the boiler room. Frasier: Oh, lord. I'll just save this little treat for later. Niles: Yes, well, thanks for the thought. You two should be running along. I'll be fine. Martin: All right. Well, take care, Niles. Frasier: You know, I saw a waiter, passing champagne just outside. I'll have him bring you a glass so you can... Niles: Get the taste out, yes. Thank you, Frasier. Frasier and Martin exit. Niles leans back in the seat, once again looking very melancholy. There is a knock at the door. Niles: Come in. The door opens and Daphne, in her wedding dress, steps in. Daphne: Hello. Niles: [rising] Daphne... Daphne: I was wondering... if you might be free for a date? Niles: [rushing to embrace her] Oh, my God, yes! Daphne: [separating them] There's plenty of time for that later. Let's get this bloody boat moving! Daphne rushes to the front passenger seat and Niles helps her with the skirts and train of her dress. Niles: What, you mean now? Daphne: There's about a hundred people back there I'm not so keen on seeing. Niles: [giddy] Well, all right, let's go then. He sits in the driver's seat and starts the engine, then grabs for the safety belt. Niles: Fasten your seat belt, Daphne. Daphne: Fasten yours, Niles. Niles looks at her, puts the Road Warrior in gear, grabs the wheel and pulls away, as we: FADE OUT. [N.B. Two alternate versions of this ending were written and filmed — the other going the opposite way. Both were shown to the episode's live studio audience, who, unsurprisingly, preferred this one.] END OF ACT FOUR

Guest Appearances

 Special Guest Stars

 Guest Starring
 TOM BYRD as Tim Walsh
 ROB KLINGMAN as Bartender
 A.T. MONTGOMERY as Waiter
 TERI RALSTON as Miss Carney

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