Fan Favorite Top Ten Frasier Episodes

Here's a list of submitted Top Ten Frasier Episodes. If you haven't submitted yet, let us know your top ten Frasier episodes.

Lubia Castaneda's Top Frasier Episodes
submitted on 04/23/2020
Because all of them bring me joy and comfort. Also, brings the best of each character.
  1. [3.09] Frasier Grinch
  2. [4.18] Ham Radio
  3. [1.21] Travels With Martin
  4. [10.11] Door Jam
  5. [10.18] Roe To Perdition
  6. [11.03] The Doctor Is Out
  7. [4.01] The Two Mrs. Cranes
  8. [5.14] The Ski Lodge
  9. [7.12] RDWRER
Beth's Top Frasier Episodes
submitted on 12/04/2019
  1. [11.03] The Doctor Is Out
  2. [6.10] Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz
  3. [7.15] Out With Dad
Checkmate Schwarzkopf's Top Frasier Episodes
submitted on 03/14/2019
This list will change day-to-day, but as of today, these are my top 10 among all episodes, with VERY honorable mentions going to: A Mid-Winter's Night Dream, Breaking the Ice, Moon Dance, Beware of Greeks, RDWRER, Out With Dad, The Show Must Go Off, Juvenilia, Wheels of Fortune, Star Mitzvah, Freudian Sleep.
  1. [5.14] The Ski Lodge
  2. [3.18] Chess Pains
  3. [4.18] Ham Radio
  4. [2.23] The Innkeepers
  5. [11.15] Caught In The Act
  6. [2.21] An Affair To Forget
  7. [1.21] Travels With Martin
  8. [4.15] Roz's Krantz & Gouldenstein Are Dead
  9. [11.03] The Doctor Is Out
  10. [7.07] A Tsar Is Born
Fridge Pants's Top Frasier Episodes
submitted on 03/14/2019
It's my opinion seasons 2 through 7, 10 and 11 were better seasons in general and it made it too difficult to choose ten out of all episodes, so I chose the best one from each season, omitting season 6 because it contained the fewest "favorite" episodes among all seasons, but of course was still great.
  1. [1.21] Travels With Martin
  2. [2.21] An Affair To Forget
  3. [3.18] Chess Pains
  4. [4.18] Ham Radio
  5. [5.14] The Ski Lodge
  6. [7.07] A Tsar Is Born
  7. [8.12] The Show Must Go Off
  8. [9.14] Juvenilia
  9. [10.15] Trophy Girlfriend
  10. [11.15] Caught In The Act
Becka's Top Frasier Episodes
submitted on 01/24/2019
More than a top 10, I have a top 264 episodes of Frasier, but here are my highlights. Others include Bla-z-boy, The Devil and Dr Phil, The 1000th Show, A Passing Fancy (I love Kirby), High Holidays, The Love You Fake, Cheerful Goodbyes and of course The Inkeepers. Niles' part of Three Valentines is also top notch. Picking 10 was a nightmare. I've been obsessed since I was 12, so the Cranes are like my second family by now, and should I have a bad day you'll probably find me curled up in front of the TV watching Niles propose to Daphne and crying every single time.
  1. [1.24] My Coffee With Niles
  2. [6.17] Dinner Party
  3. [2.04] Flour Child
  4. [11.14] Freudian Sleep
  5. [9.16] Wheels of Fortune
  6. [9.02] Don Juan in Hell [2]
  7. [5.06] Voyage Of The Damned
  8. [6.15] To Tell The Truth
  9. [9.15] The Proposal
  10. [5.09] Perspectives On Christmas

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