Frasier Top Ten Episodes

Everyone likes lists right? Well, here is one for you: my top ten Frasier episodes. There was much debate amoungst myself as to which episodes would make the cut, but I forced myself to whittle it down to only ten. And then I forced myself to order them! So what's your top ten Frasier episodes? You may also view the fan favorite list.
  1. Three Valentines — Simply because of Act 1, this episode is in the top 10. Niles preparing for his date is absolutely hilarious and the minimal dialogue only adds to laughter. His pants being set on fire puts the cherry on top of everything.
  2. They're Playing Our Song — One of my favorite episodes of Frasier attempting to constantly one-up himself. I love how the audience actually gets to hear the final "symphony" of Frasier's madness. Niles helping along the way only adds to humor along with Martin's catchy yet simple interpretation of Frasier's radio show: What's new? I'm listenin'. Feelin' blue? I'm listenin'. Feelin' sad, feelin' mad, feelin' glad, feelin' bad, I'm listenin'!
  3. IQ — The brotherly rivalry continues when Frasier and Niles discover their IQs, with Niles besting Frasier by more than just a couple of points. This sets up the remainder of the episode for Frasier and Niles to out do one another in order to impress a group of Nobel Prize winners.
  4. Author, Author — The first show which aptly displays the brothers Crane rivalry. Being thrown into a hotel room to finish a book they haven't even started is hilarious as they resort to fighting like kids (I can't believe you fell for that!)
  5. The Innkeepers — What could be a better idea than buying an old, outdated restaurant with your brother and trying to turn it into an exclusive dining place complete with a "grotto", an eel chef, a cherry bomb, and a last minute drive through window? Let's call it Les Freres Heureux!
  6. Dinner Party — This is the second episode that was shot in "real time" and brings laughter at every failed attempt of Frasier and Niles to host a dinner party focused around the Ashby's. The "black ball" and "scramble for a caterer" moments are among my favorites of all time. Wait a minute, you're out of blackballs... this is a dried-up old fig!
  7. Flour Child — The thought of Niles and Maris with a baby is humorous enough. Add to that Niles carrying a bag of flour in a front pack and with each passing moment the flour child getting poked, burnt, and dropped. I actually had a dream my flour sack was abducted and the kidnapper started sending me muffins in the mail.
  8. The Gift Horse — The best Crane brother rivalry episode ever, in my humble opinion. The one-upmanship in this episode tops all other because their focus is that of their father, Martin. The escalation is as follows: A calfskin wallet with a matching key case, a case of beer from a different micro brewery each month, binoculars, season tickets to the Seahawks, big screen TV with enormous speakers (aka Stonehenge), and Agides the horse.
  9. Chess Pains — Perhaps it is because I am fond of chess. Perhaps it is because my dad can kick my ass in chess 80% of the time. Perhaps it is because of the absolute frustration that you can see in Frasier when he cannot defeat his aging, blue collar dad, that makes this episode laugh out loud funny. From the moment Frasier obtains his chess set and shows it off to Niles until he suspiciously "wins" against his father shows off a wonderful and cleverly written episode.
  10. The Ski Lodge — A simple vacation on Mt. Baker? Sure, let's invite the family, throw in a swimsuit model, a French Olympic Ski Champion and some of Martin's hot buttered rum, what could possibly go wrong? This has to be the top Frasier episode.

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