[8.7]The New Friend

The New Friend                         Written by Bob Daily 
                                            Directed by Scott Ellis
Production Code: 8.7
Episode Number in Production Order: 178
Filmed on
Original Airdate on NBC: 5th December 2000
Transcript written on 6th December 2000


 Frasier becomes friends with Luke, Roz's adventurous new boyfriend.  
 But when he cheats on Roz, Frasier isn't willing to give up the fun 
 he's having.  Meanwhile Daphne, for as-yet unspecified reasons, is 
 starting an eating binge. 

Transcript {Mike Lee}

Skyline: The full yellow moon rises over the skyline.


Scene One - Restaurant
Frasier is sat at a table in a crowded restaurant.  Several waiting 
diners are standing around, glaring at him.  His cell phone rings.

Frasier: Hello?  Niles, you're forty minutes late!  Listen, I've just 
         finished my third basket of bread, and there is an angry mob 
         breathing down my neck.  What?  Oh, you've torn your trouser 
         cuff, I'm so sorry.  For God's sakes, will you hurry it up!  
         More hemming, less hawing!  All right, I'll hold our table.

Roz comes in wearing a slinky evening dress, accompanied by her new 
boyfriend, Luke.

Frasier: Roz, Roz Doyle!
    Roz: [to Luke] I'll be right back. [goes over to Frasier, nervous] 
         Hi, Frasier.  I'm on a date, please don't screw it up.
Frasier: No, I won't.  Niles is running a little late, and I-I was just 
         hoping maybe I could join you and your lucky chap for a drink 
         while I wait for him?
    Roz: I-I really don't think so, it's kind of a romantic evening, 
Frasier: Roz, this crowd is starting to get ugly, would you please just 
         let me come over there till Niles gets here, please?
    Roz: Oh, all right!  Come on.
Frasier: Thank you.

Roz goes to join Luke.  As soon as Frasier moves, people start to look 
at his table.  He hurriedly takes off his jacket, drapes it over his 
chair, and sweeps the room with the protective glare of a lioness 
guarding her cubs (that's how he would describe it, anyway).

He sits with Luke and Roz.

[N.B. Gary Cole appeared in "In The Line Of Fire" with John Mahoney.]

Frasier: Hi.
    Roz: Luke Parker, Frasier Crane, he's joining us for a quick drink.
   Luke: Oh, great!  I've heard your show, nice to meet you.
Frasier: Oh, likewise.  So, uh, well, how did you two kids meet?
   Luke: Actually I just moved to Seattle a month ago.  I live on a 
         boat, and as I was pulling into the sloop, Roz was standing 
         right there on the dock.
Frasier: Right there on the dock, you say?  Well...
    Roz: I do live next to the marina!
Frasier: Ah, yes, yes, yes.  So Luke, you're a boat enthusiast?
   Luke: You know anything about boats?
Frasier: Well actually, on my show I sometimes compare the human psyche 
         to a sailboat that's borne along the surface of the conscious 
         mind, while the deeper waters of the subconscious navigate the 
   Luke: So I guess the answer would be "no."
Frasier: Yes.

Roz's pager beeps.

    Roz: Oh, my babysitter!  I'll be right back.
Frasier: Right, of course.

Roz gets up and leaves the table.

   Luke: So...
Frasier: So... you know, uh, actually I'm-I'm not a total stranger 
         to the old H20.  I did row Crew at Harvard.
   Luke: I went to Harvard!
Frasier: Ah, Harvard.  Mmm, God, those were the best years of my life.  
         You know, there's nothing quite like that sense of accomplishment 
         you get when they actually hand you that diploma, is there?
   Luke: I dropped out.
Frasier: Well, you didn't miss much.
   Luke: I just got frustrated reading about other people's experiences 
         and never having any of my own.  So I dropped out, I built my 
         own boat, and sailed around the world.  Yeah, sometimes there's 
         more adventure than I bargained for.  Like, uh, twenty-foot 
         seas off the Hebrides, or the time pirates rammed my boat and 
         robbed me at gunpoint.
Frasier: Oh yeah, those guys can be pretty rough.
   Luke: Oh, you've had experience with pirates?
Frasier: No, I, uh, saw a special once on "60 Minutes."  You know, you 
         should really write down some of these stories.
   Luke: Yeah, I've thought about it, but I'm not much of a writer.
Frasier: Oh, don't let that stop you.  All you got to do is just get 
         it down on paper, then sort it out later.  You know, I'd be 
         happy to lend a critical eye.

Roz comes back.

   Luke: Thanks.  Might take you up on that.
Frasier: OK.
    Roz: I have to go, Alice got a bead stuck up her nose.  There's got 
         to be some way to baby-proof her nostrils!  I'm sorry, Luke, 
         we have to go.
Frasier: You know, I-I could drop him off.
    Roz: Well, Frasier, that's very nice, but-
   Luke: No, no, it's fine.  You go take care of Alice and, uh, I'll 
         hang out with Frasier.
    Roz: Yeah well, don't you have to meet Niles?
Frasier: Oh, he's had a tailoring emergency, it could be hours.
    Roz: Well, I'll call you tomorrow, Luke.
   Luke: OK.

She bends down and kisses Luke on the cheek.

    Roz: Bye.
   Luke: Bye, Roz.

She bends down to kiss Frasier.

    Roz: [whispering] He thinks I'm thirty-one and I was in a Whitesnake 

Roz kisses Frasier on the cheek and leaves.


Scene Two — Apartment - Kitchen
Daphne and Martin are in the kitchen, cleaning fish.  Frasier comes in.

Frasier: Hey Dad, welcome home.
 Martin: Oh, Fras!  Didn't hear you come in.
Frasier: How was the fishing trip?
 Martin: Oh, it was great.  The worst day of fishing beats the best day 
         of working.
Frasier: Well, now that you've proven it, can we take the sign out of 
         the bathroom?

They go out into the living room.  As Martin settles into his armchair, 
Frasier pours himself a sherry.

 Martin: Oh, uh, Fras, you had a phone call a little while ago.  Some 
         guy by the name of Lou, or maybe-
Frasier: Luke.
 Martin: Yeah, Luke, that's it, yeah.  Said he'd call back later.  Real 
         friendly guy, who is he?
Frasier: Roz's new boyfriend.  They're getting quite serious, and 
         actually he and I have hit it off as well.
 Martin: Oh, that's great.
Frasier: Actually, it is.  You know, with Niles spending more time with 
         Daphne, I-I don't have anybody to pal around with.  And he's 
         a really interesting guy.  He sails around the world, locating 
         shipwrecks and salvaging treasure.
 Martin: Oh!
Frasier: God, you know, he tells some incredible stories!  Yeah, it's 
         refreshing, really - usually I'm the cool friend.
 Martin: [biting his tongue] Sounds a little free-wheeling for you.
Frasier: Oh, really?  Well, he's planning to salvage a French trader 
         off the coast of British Columbia next, and he's invited me 

The doorbell rings.  Frasier goes to answer it.

 Martin: Oh, that should be fun.  You need a Dramamine patch just to 
         get into the bathtub.

Frasier opens the door to Niles, with Eddie on a leash.

Frasier: Ah, Niles.
  Niles: Hello!  Behold, the prodigal pup returns!
 Martin: Oh-ho, look who's here!  Come on, boy!

Niles lets go and Eddie jumps up into Martin's lap.

 Martin: [cuddling] Yeah, there you go, oh yeah.  Thanks for taking  
         care of him while I was gone, Niles.
  Niles: You're quite welcome.
 Martin: It was very thoughtful of you, unlike some people I know!
Frasier: Dad, it was absolutely essential that I have my floors 
         refinished, thanks to Edward Scissor-Paws there!

The phone rings.  Niles picks it up and hands it to Frasier.

Frasier: Oh thank you, Niles. [into phone] Hello?  Yes, this is Frasier 
         Crane.  What?  I never touched your wife!  Never!  But I've 
         never even heard of... oh Luke, [laughs] you got me again!  
         You know, that's six to one!  I did so get one!

Frasier goes to his room.  Daphne comes out of the kitchen, still 
wearing her bloody apron and dishrags.

 Daphne: Hey, Niles.
  Niles: Hello, my love.
 Daphne: Oh I'm sorry, I must look a mess.  I've been cleaning fish all 
  Niles: Oh please, your beauty cannot be obscured by mere entrails, 
         [looks her over] or scales, or... is that an eye?
 Daphne: I'll go wash up. [gives him a kiss]
  Niles: If you like.

As soon as she turns away, he puckers his lips in horror.

 Martin: Hope Eddie wasn't a lot of trouble.
  Niles: Please Dad, he was the perfect houseguest.
 Martin: Well, give me the details.  Did he eat?
  Niles: Oh, like a horse!
 Martin: Slept well?
  Niles: Like a log!
 Martin: Was he regular?
  Niles: We're done here, Dad.
 Martin: Just want you to know I really appreciate what you did for me.
  Niles: Please, it was my pleasure.  I'm really gonna miss the little 
         guy.  We actually started to bond. 

He affectionately strokes Eddie's head with a finger.

 Martin: Ha-ha, that's great.

Out of his sight, Niles wipes his finger.

 Martin: [noticing] What's this tag?
  Niles: Oh, uh, that's nothing.  That's, uh, they put that on at the 
 Martin: [reading] "Bark Avenue?"  That's a kennel!  You dumped him off 
         at a kennel?!
  Niles: No, no, Dad, actually it's more of a spa than a kennel.
 Martin: I trusted you with Eddie and you betrayed that trust!  Why'd 
         you do it, son?
  Niles: Well Dad, it took Italian artisans three weeks to stain my 
         Venetian umbrella stand and it took Eddie about twenty seconds!
 Martin: [getting up] If I wanted him in a kennel I would have put him 
         in one myself!
  Niles: Well Dad, uh, I'm sorry.
 Martin: Well, so am I.  Come on, Eddie, I'll give you a bath.  
         Who knows what you picked up in that flea trap!

As he and Eddie leave, the doorbell rings.

 Niles: Well, it was a lot nicer than that place you made us stay at 

Frasier opens the door to Roz, looking distraught.

Frasier: Oh hi, Roz.
    Roz: I need a drink and I need it fast!
Frasier: I'll get the sherry.
    Roz: Don't waste your time, I've got grown-up problems!

She rushes past him into the kitchen.  When he gets there she is 
pouring a glass full of expensive scotch.

Frasier: Ah, the twenty-five year-old Glen Farcas.  Excellent choice, 
         no sense going for the twelve-year old stuff.
    Roz: Luke's a slime bag!
Frasier: Oh, what happened?
    Roz: I saw him sitting in a café with his arms around some blonde.  
         They were all over each other!  I told him off, and we're 
Frasier: I'm so sorry, Roz. [hugs her]
    Roz: I really liked him.
Frasier: I know.
    Roz: And I thought he liked me.
Frasier: Yes.  Gosh, you know, I just got off the phone with him.  He 
         didn't even mention it!  He can't possibly think I'd still be 
         his friend after he treated you this way.
    Roz: Well, I'm really glad to hear you say that, Frasier.  I mean, 
         you were my friend first.
Frasier: Yes, of course.  Oh come on, [hugs her again] I'll get you 
         through this.
    Roz: [sniffles a little] Thank you, Frasier.  You know what?  I'm 
         feeling better already. [notices her drink] Oh, maybe I don't 
         even need this.

She throws the scotch into the sink, causing Frasier to gasp.  
She walks out of the kitchen as he stares, aghast, into the drain.


Scene Three - Boat
Luke is sitting in the salon of his boat, reading over some notes.  
Up on the deck, Frasier tries to drop a parcel on the step and leave, 
but it clatters down the stairs, causing Luke to look up.

   Luke: Frasier? [Frasier comes down] What are you doing?
Frasier: Uh, I was just returning your "Chapman's Nautical Guide" 
         there.  Uh, I-I just wanted to drop it off, actually.
   Luke: Without saying hello?
Frasier: Well, I had a talk with Roz.
   Luke: Oh, I see.  Well look, if it makes any difference, that woman 
         was an old girlfriend.  She came to town, invited me to lunch, 
         we ordered martinis, and the next thing you know, she was all 
         over me!  You know how it is.
Frasier: [covering] Of course, I mean... But Roz is my friend.  
         Take care.
   Luke: [shakes his hand] You too, Frasier.

Frasier turns to leave.

   Luke: By the way-
Frasier: Hmm?
   Luke: Thanks for your advice.  I, uh, I started writing down some 
         of those stories.
Frasier: Oh?
   Luke: Yeah, I wrote the one about the pirates, and the South 
         American one.
Frasier: Oh great, don't forget the one about the giant squid!
   Luke: That was just a joke.
Frasier: [laughs] Gosh, you did it again, didn't you?  Oh, you know, 
         I'm gonna miss that.  Ah, see you around.

He turns to go again, but stops.

Frasier: Say Luke, uh, you know, here's a tip: you might try writing 
         in the present tense.  It has a way of giving things a sense 
         of urgency.
   Luke: That's great!  I'll try it.
Frasier: [thoughtful] Of course, if you hadn't been so thoughtless, 
         we'd be heading for that sushi bar right now and be reviewing 
         those notes.
   Luke: Yeah, and that waitress would be there.  I think she likes you.
Frasier: [chuckles] Oh, she does not.
   Luke: You know what's ironic?  
Frasier: Hmm?
   Luke: If I had met you separately from Roz, this wouldn't even be 
         an issue.
Frasier: No, it wouldn't.  You know, the truth is our friendship does 
         exist independently of her.
   Luke: That's true.  I mean, if you take Roz out of the equation, 
         does our friendship disappear?
Frasier: It shouldn't.  Of course, for Roz's sake, we'll have to keep 
         this between ourselves.
   Luke: No need to rub it in her face.
Frasier: Agreed.  But, uh, for the record, I do not condone your 
   Luke: I wouldn't expect you to.
Frasier: I hope they haven't run out of Yellowtail.

They laugh and head out together.



Scene Four - Apartment Frasier and Roz have finished a casual dinner together. Roz: Well, thanks for dragging me out of the house. It's been a rough week, and it sure helps to have a friend like you. Frasier: Yeah. Roz, trust me, you will eventually get over Luke. Roz: Well, he's not having any trouble getting over me. I saw him leaving his boat last night with someone. Frasier: Really? Did you, uh, get a good look at them? Roz: Only from behind. Some fat chick. Frasier: Fat? Well, it was kind of cold out last night, there may have been layers involved. Roz: Yeah, layers of fat. [checks her watch] Frasier, it's getting so late, I should go! Frasier: Oh, uh, right, OK. Roz: [getting her things] Thanks for listening. Frasier: Well, of course, Roz. Roz: You ever see me falling for some creep like that again, smack me. Frasier: Don't give it another thought. You know, I think he's not worth it, all right? Roz: Good night. Frasier: Good night. Roz leaves. As Daphne comes out to tidy up, Frasier dials the phone. Frasier: Luke? It's Fras. Yeah, uh, listen, I'm free, and I thought maybe I'd swing by. We can, uh, go over and catch Marsalis at the jazz café, because "thar he blows!" [laughs] No, no, it just came to me. All right, Luke, I'll see you soon, bye. [hangs up] Daphne: Some friend you are! How can you be with that rutting pig after what he did? Frasier: I don't see what's so wrong about being friends with Roz's ex-boyfriend! Daphne: Well, if you think there's nothing wrong with it, why are you hiding it from Roz? Frasier: Well, because I, um, uh- [Martin comes out] Dad! A man has a right to choose his own friends, doesn't he? Martin: Sure! 'Course, I think you're a rotten Judas for stabbing Roz in the back this way. He goes to the kitchen. Frasier gets his coat. Frasier: You hear that? He said "sure!" Daphne gives him a look. He leaves. FADE TO: Scene Five - Café Nervosa Frasier is sat at the table by the window, with a small gift box. Niles comes in. Niles: Guess what I have? Two tickets to the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra! Frasier: The Orpheus! Oh Niles, nobody handles Handel like they handle Handel! [they laugh] But wouldn't you rather take Daphne? Niles: Oh, she wouldn't enjoy it. I took her to the opera last week. Halfway through "Das Rheingold" she fell asleep. Frasier: Astonishing! Niles: Yes, well, it gets worse. She snorted in her sleep, and startled Wotan, causing him to drop his spear on an unsuspecting gnome. So, are you free tonight? Frasier: Gosh Niles, I'm sorry, I've got plans with Luke. Niles: Oh yes, your much-ballyhooed new best friend. Is that who the gift is for? Frasier: Uh, no, no, this is for Roz. Niles: Oh, a guilt offering! Frasier: Well, I suppose there's some truth to that. You know, frankly I'm torn. Part of me thinks I should tell her, but I just know it would devastate her. She's a broken woman. Outside the café, it seems Roz has mended, as she is locked in an embrace with Luke. Luke: [as they break] I'm glad I bumped into you yesterday. Roz: And twice this morning. They kiss again. Luke: Buy you coffee? Roz: Sure. As they turn to go in, she sees Frasier. Roz: [gasps] Oh my God, Frasier's in there! He can't see us, I don't want him to know we're back together! Luke: Oh, I don't think he'd really have a problem- Roz: No, you don't know him. He's been very supportive, and if he sees us together again, he'll just think I'm weak! Which I am. She kisses him again. Inside the café: Niles: Come on, there are no pirates! Frasier: Sure there are! Luke was pillaged! Niles: That is so cool! Roz comes in alone. Roz: Hi, guys. Frasier: Oh hi, Roz. Niles: Hey, Roz. Frasier: [she sits down] I have a little something for you. [gives her the box] Roz: For me? Oh, what's the occasion? Frasier: Oh, why do I need an occasion, Roz? I'm just trying to show a good friend that I'm thinking of her in her time of crisis. Roz: [guilty] Oh, Frasier, I don't deserve your friendship. Frasier: No, I do not deserve your friendship. Niles: I deserve my own table, excuse me. He goes to the table by the counter. Roz: You know what? I'm gonna take you out to dinner tonight. Frasier: Tonight? Roz: Yes, you've been so great about this whole Luke thing. I mean, the least I can do is buy you a meal. Frasier: Well, all right, Roz, I accept. [takes out his cell phone] Uh, would you excuse me? Roz: Sure. Frasier dials his phone and moves over to the counter, behind Niles. Frasier: Luke-o, F-Man. [Niles's ears prick up] Yeah, listen, uh, something's come up tonight and I won't be able to make it, all right? Great, bye. He hangs up and goes back. Frasier: So Roz, where would you like to go tonight? Chez Henri has the most splendid ox-tail suree- Roz's cell phone rings. Roz: Excuse me. [answers] Hello? Oh, hi. Just a sec. [to Frasier] I really need to take this. Frasier: Of course. She takes her phone over to the counter. Roz: Hi, Luke. [Niles looks up again] Oh damn, I just made plans... Well, if you put it that way, how can I say no? I'll see you at eight, OK. She hangs up and goes back. Roz: Bad news, Frasier. My babysitter's all booked up, so can we rearrange dinner? Frasier: What a shame. [takes out his phone] Excuse me. He goes his phone to the counter. Frasier: Yeah Luke, it's Fras again. Listen, um, my plans just got canceled and I was thinking maybe we could... oh, really? Well, that's-that's kind of quick, wasn't it? [Niles nods to himself] Well, no problem. All right, yeah, I'll talk to you tomorrow, bye. He goes back. Roz is opening her gift. Roz: Frasier, this is the bracelet I wanted! Frasier: Yes, I remembered. Roz: Oh, you're such a good friend. You're so caring and thoughtful and... loyal. I got to make a phone call, I'll be right back! She goes to the counter. Niles gets up and heads for the door. Roz: Luke, it's Roz again. Bad news... Frasier: [as Niles goes by] Oh Niles, listen, as it turns out I am available for that concert tonight- Niles: No you're not. He exits, leaving Frasier confused. FADE TO:
Scene Six - Apartment Frasier comes out in his jacket. Daphne is dressed in a somewhat billowing evening dress. [N.B. Here are the first obvious signs of Jane Leeves's pregnancy; she definitely fills out the dress, and her cheeks are glowing.] Daphne: Going out with Luke, I suppose? Frasier: As a matter of fact, I'm having dinner with Roz. And I will have a clear conscience, because first I am going to stop by Luke's and end our friendship. Daphne: Oh, I guess our little chat had an impact. Frasier: So it did. The doorbell rings. Daphne: Imagine that - me giving advice to a psychiatrist. Maybe I should be on the radio and you should do the laundry. Frasier: Yes, what a merry time of misrule that would be. He opens the door to Niles, carrying two parcels: one that's small and daintily wrapped, and one that's large and wrapped in brown paper. Frasier: Oh Niles, what are you doing here? Niles: Well, I'm taking Daphne to the concert. Daphne: Yes, he said he'd rather go with me than anyone else. Frasier: Indeed. Well, sweet dreams. Frasier leaves. Daphne: Hello, sweetie. Niles: Hello. This is for you. He hands her the smaller parcel - chocolates. Daphne: Oh, truffles, [kisses him] my favorite! Niles: Oh, you are so sweet, you say that about everything I bring. She sits down and opens the box. Martin comes out. Martin: Oh Daph, you look great. Daphne: Thanks. Seeing Niles, he turns and walks toward the door. Martin: [frosty] Niles. Niles: Dad, I know you're still peeved about me taking Eddie to the spa- Martin: [not stopping] Kennel. Niles: Anyway, I-I brought a little peace offering- Martin: Bribe. Niles: Dad, it's from Smokey Mountain Farms! Martin stops and turns around. Niles: Five different meats in one big box! Martin: [disbelieving] Not the "Slaughterhouse Five." Niles: They don't make a Slaughterhouse Three. Martin delightedly unwraps the large parcel. Niles: Dad, I'm so sorry. Martin: Oh well, I was disappointed, but- Niles: I don't want you to think you can't trust me. I will never let you down again. Martin: Well thanks, Niles. Listen, I'm taking Eddie out for a walk. Why don't you come along, we can shoot the breeze. Niles: Oh, uh... He looks at Daphne, who is well into the chocolates. Daphne: [mouth full] Go on, I need a few more minutes to get ready. [unwraps another] Niles: Well, uh, once around the block. Martin: Come on, Eddie. Daphne: Take your time! They go out into the hall, and Martin calls the elevator. Niles: Dad, thanks for not holding a grudge. I know how much Eddie means to you. Martin: Oh, I forgot my jacket. Here, [hands Niles the parcel] hold on to this, put the leash on him and I'll be right back. Niles: All right, all right. Martin goes back inside. Niles bends down to attach the leash to Eddie's collar. The elevator comes, full of people. Niles: Oh, uh, it's all right, I'm waiting for someone. Someone pushes a button. Just as the elevator doors close, Eddie bolts from Niles's grasp and onto the car. Niles throws himself against the doors, frantically pushing the button, whispering urgent prayers of "stop!", "come back!", etc. The doors open again, and someone hands Eddie back to him. Niles: [breathless] Thank you, thank you. It's OK, it's OK... He attaches the leash. Martin comes back out wearing his jacket. Niles: Come on, slowpoke! Martin smiles and follows him. FADE TO: Scene Seven - Boat Roz comes down the stairs into the empty salon. Roz: Luke? Surprise, it's Roz! Luke? Luke, are you home? I got an hour to kill before dinner. She looks around, then picks up a pen and starts to write a note, then hears voices from outside. Luke: [o.s.] Come on board, I'll pour you a drink. Woman: [o.s.] You really live here? I think boats are so sexy. Roz desperately looks around for a place to hide, sees a large closet, flings it open - and shrieks when she sees Frasier standing there. Frasier: Hello, Roz. Roz: What are you doing here?! Frasier: Well, I stopped by to see Luke, I heard you coming, and I came inside and hid- Luke: [o.s.] Watch your step. Roz shushes Frasier and jumps into the closet with him. As they close the doors, Luke comes in with a blond woman. Inside the closet, the following is conducted in whispers: Roz: After everything he did to me, you stayed friends with him, didn't you?! Frasier: Well, you started seeing him again without telling me! Through the slats in the door, they see Luke put on romantic music and sit down with his date. Luke: You have the most incredible eyes. Roz: That bastard! He told me I had the most incredible eyes! Frasier: Roz, Roz, we can't let him know we're here! Woman: What are all these pages? Luke: Oh, writing a book. But I'm having a little trouble... maybe you could be my inspiration. Frasier: That bastard! He told me I was his inspiration! Roz: Shh! Luke and the Woman embrace in a passionate kiss. Frasier: [sighs] We may as well make ourselves comfortable. They quietly sit down. Roz: I guess I should have told you we got back together. Frasier: No, I should apologize, actually. After the way he treated you, I shouldn't have been hanging around with him. Roz: You liked him. Frasier: Truth be told, I don't really make friends very often. In fact, the last true friend I made was you. Roz: Oh, yuck. Frasier: Too much? Roz: No, I'm sitting in something wet. Frasier: Well, just get up. Roz: I can't, I'm caught on something. Frasier: Here, all right, give me your hand. He takes hold of her and yanks her up. Suddenly there is the hissing of an air pump and something rises into the camera in front of them. Roz: Uh-oh... A split-second later the closet bursts open and the inflatable dinghy ejects Frasier and Roz into the salon, surprising Luke and his date. Frasier: [taking the offensive] You've got a lot of explaining to do! FADE OUT. Credits: Apartment: Daphne is sitting in Martin's Armchair. She has polished off the chocolates and is now looking around for something more. She sees Martin's meat basket next to her, but as soon as she picks it up Eddie jumps up. She hugs it possessively, but then Martin comes in and snatches it away. As she grabs for it, he hugs it just as closely.

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 Special Guest Star
 GARY COLE as Luke

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