[8.6] Legal Tender Love and Care

Legal Tender Love and Care             Written by Saladin K.Patterson
                                       Directed by Pamela Fryman
Production Code: 8.6
Episode Number In Production Order: 177
Filmed on
Original Airdate on NBC: 28th November, 2000
Transcript written on 4th November 2000

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Articles {Nick Hartley}

Sarah Turner wrote in "The Mail on Sunday", a British newspaper, 
about her experience at the filming of this episode in an article 
entitled "Watching Frasier Watching Me in the Audience".

     Previously on Frasier: Daphne, about to get married, suddenly 
realises that Niles, Frasier's brother, loves her (even though he's 
just married his girlfriend Mel). The two of them set off in a 
Winnebago camper van (Daphne still wearing her wedding dress).
     And that was how the last series ended.
     Frasier fans are divided between those who always set the video 
and those who always stay in on Friday nights (just in case the video 
doesn't work).
     Of course there are people who wouldn't dream of watching a 
half-hour comedy about the life of a delightfully insufferable 
Seattle-based radio psychiatrist, his remarkably similar brother and 
their ex-policeman father. Such people probably don't know, don't 
even care that Frasier is recorded each week in front of a live 
studio audience.
     It's not difficult to see a sitcom being filmed in Los Angeles; 
it's more of a tourist hazard.
     For some shows you can apply for tickets over the internet 
(www.audiencesunlimited.com is a good place to start).
     Anyone who hits the LA tourist trail to Mann's Chinese Theatre 
or Universal Studios can pretty much guarantee to be met by hustlers 
giving away tickets. But these are often for sad, formulaic comedies 
that run for a few episodes before getting a one-way ticket to 
television oblivion when the ratings don't pass muster. Frasier is 
different. "You'll have to make reservations about a week in 
advance," says the helpful man at Paramount Guest Relations when I 
call them.
     Frasier, which returns to Channel 4 in the New Year, is 
Paramount's most popular show and he makes sure I know that having a 
ticket doesn't mean that I'll actually get to see it, even when I 
offer to demonstrate my expert knowledge on the psychiatry practised 
by the Crane brothers (Frasier's a Freudian, Niles prefers the 
Jungian approach). He says that I must get there early to queue for a 
     On the Paramount lot, Frasier is taped at Studio 25. It may look 
like an aircraft hanger surrounded by a group of pre-fabs (it is), 
but this is a holy comic ground.
     Before Frasier, the studios housed Cheers, Taxi and, before 
that, I Love Lucy. Soon after starting to queue (nice and early), I 
start to tap into the taping grapevine. Friends might be riding high 
in the ratings, but the word is that each episode takes eight hours 
to record, with every scene needing 20 or so takes, with rewrites in 
between. As a humanitarian gesture, the audience for each episode is 
seated in shifts, each lasting four hours or so.
     With Frasier, taping usually takes only about three hours, 
partly because the actors and writers are better at the job, partly 
because it is filmed almost as a stage play, with the scenes being 
played in their entirety.
     We shuffle in and sit in a long row, microphones above us, ready 
to catch our delighted response to every droplet of irony. The 
different sets are in front, including a restaurant, an office and in 
the centre, Frasier's apartment. Dave, the warm-up man, introduces 
Kelsey Grammer, who plays Frasier. Kelsey Grammer thanks us for 
     The other actors arrive on set, along with an astonishing number 
of writers and production staff. It's hard to say what's more 
exciting, seeing John Mahoney (who plays Martin, Frasier's father) or 
his chair, covered in duct tape.
     Jane Leeves, who plays the Mancunian housekeeper, Daphne (part 
physic and hopeless cook), is heavily pregnant in real life. Does 
this mean that Niles and Daphne have consummated the relationship? 
(It doesn't - the producers are hiding it with large coats, big bags 
and a running joke about a newly insatiable appetite.)
     Kelsey Grammer's mother arrives to take her place in the 
audience. We look bravely stoic when we hear that Moose, who plays 
Eddie the dog, isn't going to appear (his part has been taped 
earlier). And, most of all, we start to feel very cold as the air-
conditioning is turned up high so that the actors don't get too hot 
under the studio lights. (Actors too hot? Isn't it enough they earn a 
fortune for each episode?)
     While we're waiting, we chat among ourselves. The couple on my 
left (she works in a museum) mention that their nephew, a sculptor, 
is married to the actress who plays Janice in Friends and that she's 
very nice and understated in real life.
     I mention that I saw Tim Robbins checking into my hotel that 
morning and that he looked very nice and understated (as well as 
extremely tall) in real life. We agree that the actors milling about 
the set look like very pleasant people. Shows like Jerry Springer get 
one kind of audience, Frasier another.
     While the cameras are being set up Dave, recognising a room full 
of Frasier experts, drip-feeds us tantalising nuggets of gossip, 
telling us that KACL, the radio station on which Frasier has his 
radio show, takes the last three letters of its name from the 
surnames of the show's creators, David Angell, Peter Casey and David 
     A woman wants to know if the actor playing Donny (Daphne's 
fiance) will be appearing. He is, which is exciting news. Jane Leeves 
is expecting a girl.
     During a technical glitch Kelsey Grammer sings part of the 
show's theme tune to us. A nervous young actor fluffs his lines (its 
hard to put much feeling into 'your server should reconnect in a few 
minutes'). When a lawyer, hoping to seduce Frasier, takes off her 
jacket to show a revealing top, Dave congratulates us on not 
whooping. "Frasier audiences don't whoop," he says. "We leave that to 
other shows".
     "He means Friends. They whoop on Friends," said my neighbours on 
the other side, a family from California with a fine collection of 
goosebumps. Dave lives up to his job title by lending his jacket to 
the first member of the audience who complains of the cold.
     David Hyde Pierce, who plays Niles, effortlessly steals the 
show, getting the biggest laughs when his menu repeatedly fails to 
catch fire at a critical moment (high drama in the Frasier scheme of 
     As a special treat to get to see the show's tag being filmed. 
It's the piece of silent comedy that runs with the credits and is 
usually shot after the audience leaves and is as witty as anything 
that has gone before it.
     But best of all, I find out what happens between Daphne and 
Niles and it occurs to me that I can be delightfully insufferable 
about it when I get back to Britain. 
     GETTING THERE: British airways has return fares to LA for 242. 
Frasier is filmed between September and April. For info about being 
in the audience call 001 323 956 1777.  

Transcript {david langley}

Act 1

Scene 1 - Frasier's Apartment

Fade in.  Martin is watching television, Daphne is sitting at the
dining table.  The doorbell rings and Frasier comes in from the

Frasier: Oh, Dad, you're going to have to clear out.  Daphne and I
         are meeting with my lawyer.

Martin turns off the TV.

 Martin: I don't know why you have to go with that high-priced lady
         instead of the guy I recommended.
Frasier: Please.  Donny is suing me for emotional distress.  Your guy
         wanted me to limp into court wearing a neck brace and claiming 
         not to speak English.
 Martin: Hey, you don't keep an office in the mall for twelve years
         without knowin' a few tricks.

Frasier opens the door to reveal Niles.

Frasier: Oh, hi, Niles.
  Niles: Frasier, I'm sorry I'm late.  Is Abby here yet?
Frasier: No, she's on her way.

Niles takes off his coat and hangs it up.

  Niles: These lawsuits have me so rattled.  You know me, Frasier,
         normally I'm unflappable.
Frasier: Niles, if you flapped any more, we'd have to lower you to
         half mast on Veteran's Day.

Niles gives him a dark look.

  Niles: Sherry, anyone?
Frasier: Yes.
 Daphne: Yes, please.  I know how Niles feels.  I'm a nervous wreck
         about that deposition tomorrow.  First time I'm seeing Donny
         since our wedding day, and he's going to be grilling me under
Frasier: Oh, don't worry.  Once Abby preps you, you'll have nothing
         to worry about.
 Martin: I don't understand you guys.  Instead of you each hiring
         expensive lawyers, why don't you just settle?
Frasier: Because we didn't do anything wrong, Dad!  Daphne merely
         changed her mind about getting married and although Donny is
         entitled to his pain, he is not entitled to sue everyone
         under the sun.
 Martin: [rising] You guys are nuts.  Donny's a pit bull.  Why don't
         you come up with some cash, put it on a stick and shove it
         into his cage?
Frasier: Oh, yes, thank you, Dad.
 Martin: And don't even try to get the stick back.  Just run.

He walks off to his bedroom.

Frasier: You know, Dad's fear notwithstanding, I have every confidence
         in Abby and her litigious prowess.
 Daphne: Yes, we've all seen you admiring her prowess.

The doorbell rings.

Frasier: I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.

Frasier answers the door.  It is Abby.

Frasier: Oh, hi Abby.  Come on in. You know Niles and Daphne, of course.
   Abby: Oh, yes, hello, Daphne, Niles.
Frasier: Here, let me take your coat.
   Abby: Thank you.
Frasier: Oh, my.  That suit is very becoming on you.  Is it new?
   Abby: Yes it is.  And thank you for noticing, Frasier.
Frasier: No, thank you for being so, ah... noticeable.
  Niles: [aside to Daphne] Do I sound like that?
 Daphne: Yeah, but it's cute when you do it.
Frasier: Please, make yourself comfortable.  Well, we're anxious to
         hear your, your battle plan.  We realize it's going to be
         tough, but we're ready for a fight.
   Abby: Donny's dropped the lawsuits.
Frasier: What?
 Daphne: When did this happen?
   Abby: He just called me on my cell phone now.  I took the liberty
         of calling your lawyer, Daphne, to let him know the good news,
 Daphne: Thank you.
  Niles: So, what happens now?
   Abby: Nothing.  You've won.  Congratulations.
  Niles: I can't believe it.
 Daphne: Did Donny say why he's dropping the case?
   Abby: No, he did not.  But we can call and ask him if you'd like.

The others all quickly say "No," "Not necessary," etc.

Frasier: You know, I think I know why he dropped the case: because
         I have the finest lawyer in all of Seattle.
  Niles: Hear, hear.
Frasier: [rising] Thank you for a job well done.

He holds out his arms.  Abby gets up and hugs him.

   Abby: Oh, my pleasure.  Congratulations.

He walks around as Daphne gets up and hugs Abby.

 Daphne: Thank you, Abby.
   Abby: Congratulations.  You're welcome, Daphne.

Niles then gives her a hug.

  Niles: Congratulations.
   Abby: Thank you, Niles.
  Niles: Thanks.
   Abby: Absolutely.

Frasier has followed them around and is standing in front of her once

   Abby: Oh, you again!

They laugh and hug again.

   Abby: Well, I must say, I was actually looking forward to getting
         a shot at Donny in court, but for your sake, I'm glad things
         ended this way.
Frasier: Yes, well, you know, there's no reason this has to be goodbye.  
         I think a celebratory dinner is in order.
   Abby: Well, great.  Give me a call and we'll see when all of us can
         get together.
Frasier: Yes, yes, all of us.  Yes, well, you know, our schedules are
         really rather complicated.  We're rarely available together.
  Niles: I'm open.
 Daphne: Any time's good for me.
Frasier: Well, then, dinner it is.
   Abby: Great.  I hate to rush, but I've got a mountain of paperwork.
Frasier: Well, then, let me walk you to the elevator.

She grabs her purse as Frasier gets her coat.

   Abby: All right. That's very sweet, Frasier.  Thank you for
         escorting me.
Frasier: Oh, thank you, for being so... escortable.
 Daphne: Bye, Abby.
   Abby: Goodbye.
  Niles: Congratulations again.

Frasier and Abby go out the front.  

Resett to - the hall.  Frasier helps Abby on with her coat.

Frasier: Abby, I just wanted to say how pleasurable it's been getting
         to know you.

The elevator opens and Abby gets in and pushes a button.

   Abby: The pleasure's been all mine.
Frasier: Oh, you know, I'd hate to see my relationship with you end,
         uh, right now.  I just...

The doors start to close.

   Abby: Frasier, if you're going to ask me out, you better hurry.
Frasier: Will you go out with me?
   Abby: Yes!

The doors close on her word.  Frasier grins happily and turns back to
his door.  FADE OUT.

Scene 2 - Frasier's Apartment
Fade in.  Martin is reading, Frasier opens the door to Roz.

Frasier: Oh, hi, Roz.
    Roz: Hey, guys!
 Martin: Hey, Roz.
Frasier: Come on in, I'll get you situated.
    Roz: Thanks for letting me tape your CDs.
 Martin: Since when do you two have the same taste in music?
    Roz: Actually, it's for Alice.  I read an article that said 
         listening to classical music makes toddlers smarter.
         Something about making their brain bigger, or wider... 
         I don't know.
Frasier: I believe the word you're looking for is "smartified."
    Roz: Oh, yeah?  Well guess which word I'm looking for now.
Frasier: Very funny.  Actually, I have the perfect piece to start
         Alice off with: it's Beethoven's Sonata  in C-Sharp Minor.
         I've laid out a selection of CDs that I think will be
         appropriate.  I'm sorry, I don't have time to put together
         a comprehensive program for you.  But actually, Dad and I
         have our celebratory dinner tonight with Abby.  You know,
         Dad, actually, you should get ready to go.
 Martin: I thought I was ready.
Frasier: Think tie!

Martin pulls a clip-on out of his jacket pocket.

 Martin: I'm way ahead of ya.
    Roz: Hey, you've been spending a lot of time "celebrating" with
         this lawyer.
Frasier: Oh, yes, yes.  Well, actually, we've been out a couple of
         times.  I'm really rather taken with her.  She has a very
         playful side.  She took me miniature golfing last night.
 Martin: Oh sure.  When she takes you it's playful, when I take you
         it ends up as a story in the high school literary magazine.

The doorbell rings.  Frasier goes to answer it.

Frasier: Dad, please, "Through the Clown's Mouth Darkly" took second
         in the all-city fiction contest that year.

He opens the door.  It is Niles holding a flower box.

  Niles: Hello.
Frasier: Hello, Niles.

Niles hands him some envelopes as Daphne comes in.

  Niles: Frasier, these are for you.  Your doorman gave them to me.
         Apparently some of your mail went to the wrong box.  And 
         these are for you, my love.

He hands the flower box to Daphne.

 Daphne: Oh, Niles, you spoil me.
  Niles: I picked them myself.

She opens the box and pulls out large cookies on flower stems.

 Daphne: Ooh, Niles, cookies.
  Niles: Sweets for my sweet.
 Daphne: Let's go put these in some milk.

They head for the kitchen.

  Niles: Hey, I was just going to say that!
 Daphne: No you weren't.
  Niles: I was, I swear.
 Daphne: OK, this is gettin' spooky.

The go to the kitchen.  Frasier is reading the mail.

Frasier: Well.
 Martin: What is it?
Frasier: I just opened Abby's bill.  It seems... awfully high.  I guess
         this must be the going rate.

He hands it to Martin.

 Martin: Whoa!
Frasier: I think Abby is worth every penny.
 Martin: Well, she better be, because Daphne's lawyer only charged
         half this much.
Frasier: Well, that doesn't seem right, does it?  I mean, they did the
         same amount of work...
 Martin: Come on, Fras, Abby isn't the first lawyer to pad a bill.
Frasier: Well maybe not, but you know, Abby is not that kind of lawyer.
 Martin: Oh, what world are you livin' in?  They're all "that kind of
Frasier: I admit four thousand dollars does seem rather high for phone
         consultations.  Who the hell's she talking to?
 Martin: All her friends, braggin' about the new sucker she's got on
         the line.

Roz bursts out laughing.  FADE OUT.

Scene 3 - The Restaurant
Fade in.  They are all seated around a table.

  Niles: This restaurant has a wonderful Roquefort ravioli.
 Daphne: I kind of had my heart set on lobster.  Come and help me pick
         one out.
  Niles: I was just getting up to do that!
 Daphne: No you weren't.
  Niles: I was too.
   Both: Spooky!
Frasier: So, Abby, you happen to get any interesting e-mails today?
   Abby: Yes I did.  But none that I feel comfortable discussing in
         front of your father.
 Martin: Hey, Abby, you'll like this one, we used to tell it in the
         precinct: How many lawyers does it take to screw in a light
   Abby: I don't know.  It depends on how many cops planted it there?

Martin looks a bit miffed.

Frasier: Thrust and parry, Dad!

Abby's cell phone rings and she gets it out.

   Abby: Excuse me. [into phone] Abby Michaels.  Hold on. [to Frasier] 
         It's a client.

Abby clicks the timer on her watch.

 Martin: [sotto voice to Frasier] Startin' the meter, huh?
   Abby: I've already filed that motion, it's up to them, now. ... No,
         no, no.  I don't think that they would try that.  But if you
         like, I can call them, or better yet, I can send them a letter
         just so we're on the record.  OK, bye now.

She puts the cell phone away.

   Abby: Sorry.  Where were we?
 Martin: [tapping his watch] Aren't you forgettin' somethin'?
   Abby: Oh, my goodness, you're right.  It's getting very late and I
         haven't even looked at the menu yet.  My, so many choices.
         What are you guys having?
 Martin: Well, I'm pretty sure someone's gettin' scrod...

Daphne and Niles come back and take their seats as the waiter pours
the champagne.

   Abby: So how were the lobsters?
 Daphne: They were too cute to eat.  I'm having the veal.
   Abby: Well, I propose a toast: to frivolous lawsuits and the
         wonderful, charming clients they bring together.
  Niles: Well, hear, hear.
Frasier: Abby, I'm sorry to spoil the mood, it's just... your client.
   Abby: Oh, right.  Thanks for reminding me.

She shuts off her watch and makes a note in her day planner.

  Niles: Oh, I don't believe it.  Donny just walked in.

The others all turn.

  Niles: I said don't look!
Frasier: No, you did not!
  Niles: Can you imagine anything more embarrassing than seeing us
         here tonight?
   Abby: Your menu's on fire.
  Niles: Well, yes, that would be embarrassing... OH!

They all try to put it out.

Frasier: No, not in the Dom Perignon.
  Niles: Careful.

Abby finally grabs it and pushes it into the ice and water in the wine

Frasier: Oh, thank God.
  Donny: Hi, Guys.

He comes over.  They all make noises of greeting.

  Donny: Daphne.
 Daphne: Hello, Donny.
  Donny: Niles.
  Niles: Hello Donny.
  Donny: Look, I realize you guys must be celebrating, but do you have
         to start a bonfire?

The others try to laugh this off.

  Niles: Oh, celebrating?
 Martin: He thinks we're celebrating.
  Donny: Look, I know this is a little awkward, but I understand, don't
         worry.  In fact, I'm celebrating something myself.
   Abby: Oh, you won a big case, Donny?
  Donny: No.  I, uh, I got engaged.

They are stunned, Daphne especially so.

Frasier: Really?  Boy, that's good news.
 Daphne: Yes, yes it certainly is.
  Donny: Thank you.  In fact, she's sitting right over there.

He points to a woman at another table.

  Donny: Wave, Nancy.  Show 'em the rock.

She waves and shows her ring.

Frasier: Lovely.
 Martin: Well, that's a big one.
  Niles: Congratulations, Donny.
  Donny: Thank you.  I was representing her in her divorce and we
         realized that we were... perfect... for each other.  And, 
         I know it's very sudden, but that's fate for you, huh?
Frasier: Well, good luck.
  Donny: Thanks.  I should get back to Nancy, and you guys enjoy your
         dinner.  And, incidentally, the fire exits are located there
         and there.

He makes the flight attendant motion with his arms.  Everyone laughs
nervously and he goes over to the other table.

 Martin: Boy, that was weird.
 Daphne: Now we know why he dropped the lawsuit.
   Abby: Yes, he's in love.
 Daphne: Or on the rebound.
   Abby: Well, either way, it's good news for all of you.  In fact
         let's order another bottle of champagne.  And by the way,
         dinner is on me, or rather, the firm.
Frasier: Oh, no, no.  I couldn't let you do that, Abby.  I wanted to
         pay for dinner.
 Martin: Don't worry, you are.

Frasier gives him a sour look.  FADE OUT.

End of Act 1

Act 2

Scene 1 - Frasier's Building Fade in. Frasier is waiting for the elevator in the lobby. Niles comes up behind him. Niles: Oh, Frasier, I was just coming up to see you. Frasier: Oh, hi, Niles. Say, you're looking a little green around the gills. Niles: Please, don't even mention gills. The Yale Club had its annual luncheon at Vashon Island, all seafood. Frasier: Ah, didn't agree with you? Niles: Oh, no, the food was fine. It was the four-foot swells coming back on the ferry that didn't agree with me. I'm afraid I was forced to return my sea bass to the sea. Frasier: Actually, I had sort of a rough day myself. I can't stop thinking about the bill Abby sent me. Niles: Oh? Frasier: Yes, well, after witnessing her rather slipshod record keeping last night, I, I can't help feeling I'm getting ripped off. So, I fired off a strongly worded e-mail today, insisting on a point-by-point accounting of my bill. The elevator arrives and they get on. Reset to: Inside the Elevator. Niles: Oh, good idea. Nothing cements a relationship like calling the girl a crook. Frasier: Speaking of relationships, how about Donny's decision to get engaged? My God, talk about classic rebound behavior. Niles: Classic. Is it just me, or is this elevator swaying? Frasier: Certainly not the wisest decision Donny could have made at this point. You know, maybe somebody should have a talk with him. Niles: Stop! Don't even think about it. Right now the only thing Donny needs is to be left alone. The elevator comes to a stop, Niles reaches for the wall. When the doors open, Daphne is standing there. Frasier: Oh, hi, Daph. Daphne: Hello. He goes into the apartment. Niles: Hello. He kisses her and she hurries onto the elevator. Niles: Where are you off to? Daphne: I've got to see Donny. Niles gives a little nod, then grabs for the door and gets on the elevator with her. Niles: Why in the world do you have to see Donny? The doors close. Daphne: I'm worried about him. He's making such a rash decision. I just want to make sure he's OK. The elevator starts down and Niles jerks and sways a bit. Daphne: It's not just about that. We never really had a proper goodbye, and I feel bad leaving things the way we did. Niles: [putting his hand on hers] What you're looking for is... [he makes a dry heave] ...closure. Daphne: Yeah, I knew you'd understand. [She looks closer at him.] Niles, are you feeling OK? Niles: Oh, yes. I feel fine. Daphne: Well, in that case, when I get back this will all be behind us. We can celebrate! I'll make us a nice big English country dinner: steak and kidney pudding. He looks less than thrilled at this. When the elevator stops, Daphne gets off and Roz rushes up. Roz: Hold the elevator! Hey, Daphne. Niles! I need your opinion. Niles: Oh, really, I was just about to... She pulls him back onto the elevator. Roz: I need some more classical music to tape for Alice. Niles: What? The elevator starts and he throws his hands out, off balance. She pulls a piece of paper from her purse. Roz: Yeah. Frasier gave me this list, but it has over three hundred names on it. Who do you think is best? [She holds the paper out.] Niles: I would really rather not read right now. Roz: Oh, oh, off the top of your head. Alice really loves those up-tempo numbers. Last night we were listening to "Peer Gynt," and she started doing all these little ballerina moves. You should have seen her, she was so cute! She would sway back and forth to the music and do these little spins and jumps. I was doing them with her but I started getting so dizzy. The room went around and around and around... Niles has watched her, looking less and less stable. The elevator stops and the doors open. Roz: Oh, never mind, I'll ask Frasier. As she steps off the elevator, Frasier passes her to get on. Roz: Frasier, where are you going? What about the CD? Frasier: I'm sorry. Take what you like and mark it down on the sign- out sheet. He grabs Niles and pulls him back onto the elevator. Frasier: Niles, thank God you're here. Come with me. Listen, there was a message from Abby on the machine. She says she needs to see me right away. The door closes and Niles again sways as it starts. Frasier: She must have gotten my e-mail. God, the message was so short that I can't really tell what sort of mood she's in. I guess if she had been really angry, she would have left some indication on the machine. Well, then again, being a savvy lawyer, you know, she might not want to tip her hand. Well, whatever happens, I feel confident that I made the right decision. As the elevator comes to a stop, Niles clutches at his shoulder. Frasier: Oh, thanks, Niles. You've been a support. He gets off the elevator. Martin is there holding a paper bag. Frasier: Hi, Dad. Martin: Hey. Niles again tries to leave the elevator. Martin: Niles, great news: Tony the chili guy got his license back. Check it out! He puts the bag under Niles' nose. Niles very carefully and slowly walks away. FADE OUT. Scene 2 - The Courthouse Fade in. Donny is standing in front of one of the rooms. A man comes up to him. Donny: Oh, you have the rings? Best Man: [patting his pocket] Right here. You nervous? Donny: Well, gee, yeah. I'm excited. I can't believe Nancy's gonna be my wife after all these... weeks. The friend waves towards the room. Donny: OK. He starts to follow, but notices Daphne has come up. Donny: Daphne, what are you doing here? Daphne: Your receptionist told me you'd left for court. Donny: Actually, this is not a good time. Daphne: I know. You're probably in the middle of a big trial so I'll be brief. Donny, after seeing you at the restaurant last night, I want you to know I'm worried about you. Donny: OK, this is about Nancy? Daphne: I'm sure she's a lovely person. And I probably have no right saying this, but I hope you're not rushing into anything. Donny: Uh, look, Daphne... Daphne: I know, I know. I'm way out of line here. But, I still care what happens to you. Take the time to get to know each other. Believe me, you'll be glad you did when the day comes you finally do get married. Nancy comes up in a white outfit and carrying a bouquet. Daphne: Well, what do you know, it's here. Donny kisses Nancy and guides her to the room. Donny: I'll meet you inside. I'll be one second, all right? Nancy goes in. Daphne: I'm so sorry. My timing's so terrible. Donny: Not really. If you hang around a few minutes, I'm sure we can get you on the wedding video. Daphne: I really had no idea you were getting married so soon. Donny: Well, call me crazy, but I've got a prejudice against long engagements. Donny's mother comes up and hugs him. Donny: Mom. Mrs. Douglas: Oh, Sweety, you look so handsome. [She notices Daphne and gasps.] It's you! Daphne: Hello, Mother Douglas. Mrs. Douglas: MRS. Douglas. You have some nerve showing up here. Donny: Mom. Mrs. Douglas: You can beg all you want, but he's not coming back. Donny: Mom, Mom. Mrs. Douglas: He's done crying his eyes out over you. Donny: Mom, Mom, she knows, she knows. Mrs. Douglas: Why don't you go back...? Donny shoos her through the doors. Donny: Look, Daphne, I don't mean to rush you, but is there anything else? Daphne: Just this: I never really said how sorry I was about what happened. I really am. Donny: Well, Daphne, if it puts your mind at ease, I know what I'm doing. I'm happy, I'm ready to go on with my life. So... The Best Man sticks his head out the door, motioning to Donny. Donny: Yeah, I know. I'm... [to Daphne] Goodbye. Daphne: Donny. He turns in the doorway. She reaches out and straightens his tie. Daphne: Congratulations. Donny: Thank you, Daphne. He goes inside. Daphne looks a bit melancholy and walks off. FADE OUT. Scene 3 - Abby's Office Fade in. Abby is at her computer with a technician. Frasier comes in. Abby: Oh, there you are. Frasier: I got your message. You sounded kind of urgent so I came right down. I suppose you read my e-mail. Abby: No. Actually my computer's been down all day. But if it's anything like the last one we'll know what overheated my hard drive. Technician: Give it a few minutes to reconnect to the server and then it will be up and running. Abby: Thank you. The technician leaves. Frasier: So, ah, why did you call me? Abby closes the door. Abby: Well, Frasier, I thought we could celebrate. Frasier: Really. Celebrate what? Abby: Well, this morning I was called down to the conference room and all the partners were there. I thought they were going to yell at me because they found out I'd given you a discount, but instead, they told me I made partner. Frasier: You gave me a discount? I mean, I mean congratulations. They hug. Abby: Thank you. Frasier: Oh, my God, you certainly deserve it. [He pulls back.] What kind of discount? Abby: You didn't even notice, did you? Frasier: No, no I did notice. I did. I swear to God I noticed. I even pointed it out to Dad. Abby: That's very sweet. She kisses him. Frasier: You're the sweet one. They kiss again, then she steps back. Abby: I'm not always... [she pulls her top open and off] ...sweet. Frasier: Oh, Abby. The embrace and start necking. Computer: You have e-mail! Frasier gets a panicked look. Abby: I'm not reading them! The office is closed. Frasier: That's a very good decision. That is partner-level thinking. Abby: Wait! What am I thinking? You sent me another one of those naughty e-mails, haven't you? Maybe we should act this one out. She goes to her computer. Frasier: No, no! Actually, I just forwarded you an ad for reduced mortgage rates. Abby: Why are you blushing, Frasier? Frasier: Because they're embarrassingly low. Abby: This says "Re: Our Relationship". Frasier: All right, you're on to me. Just come here and sit down and relax. And I will read it to you. Prepare to be... scandalized. He sits her in a chair and goes around the desk to the computer. Frasier: "Dear Abby, I read your column every week." Kidding. Now, here's the real stuff, now. Um, "I'm, ah, lying here in bed and I can't stop thinking about you." Abby: Oh, this is getting good. Frasier: Oh, you like that, do you? Uh, "Your golden hair cascades down your bare shoulders and I kiss the curve at the back of your neck." Abby: I'm very lonely over here. She gets up and walks towards him. He hits a key and there is a beep from the computer. Frasier: Oh, gosh, I deleted it by accident. Abby: Oh, no, that's too bad. I really wanted to hear the rest of that. Frasier: Well, you know what? We can write a new ending together. But there's no need to rush. We'll just start very slowly, at the beginning. And then, we'll move, gently, into the middle. And then I'm sure you'll want to add a few plot twists of your own. He takes off his jacket, tosses it on the floor and sits on the couch. There is a beep from the printer and Abby takes a sheet from it. Frasier: And finally, we'll just...what are you reading? Abby: Your e-mail. You printed it by mistake. You think I'm ripping you off?! Frasier: No! No, no! I did not use those words! Actually, I, I just took issue with a couple of figures. Abby: And you come in here and lie to me?! Frasier: Well, "lie" is a very strong word. Abby: Well, so is "chiseler". Frasier: Abby, I realize I've made a terrible mistake, and I wrote some very harsh things. But, to my credit, I did attempt to delete it before you got a chance to read it. She opens the door. Abby: Get out. Frasier: Oh, come on! Look at the two of us. We can't stay mad at each other. Abby: I said get out! He walks out, she picks his jacket up. Abby: And to think that I almost slept with you. She throws the jacket at him and slams the door. CUT TO: the hallway, where Frasier has the jacket on his head. Frasier: You still can! FADE OUT. Credits: Niles comes up to Frasier's apartment, eating licorice. He rings the bell and Roz opens the door. Looking worried she points him to Martin, who is on the couch, looking ill. The chili container is on the coffee table next to him. Niles walks over and offers him some licorice. Martin rolls off the couch and gets to his feet with his cane, struggling to get away.

Guest Appearances

 Special Guest Stars
 TERI POLO as Abby
 SAUL RUBINEK as Donny Douglas

 Guest Starring
 ANTHONY HOLIDAY as Computer Guy 
 BARBARA SHARMA as Mrs. Douglas
 KEVIN C. LOOMIS as Best Man

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