[6.23]Shut Out In Seattle [1]

Shut Out In Seattle [1]                    Written by David Isaacs
                                            Directed by Pamela Fryman
Production Code: 6.23
Episode Number In Production Order: 142
Episode Filmed on:
Original Airdate on NBC: 20th May 1999 
Original Airdate on CH4: 11th June 1999
Transcript written on 21st May 1999
Transcript revised on 21st July 2001
Transcript revised 2nd on 8th November 2002

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·  Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Series: Ron Volk

Transcript {kathy churay}


Scene One - Cafe Nervosa - Evening.
Niles is sitting alone at a table at Cafe Nervosa, sadly stirring a
coffee as Roz drags in.  Two of the cafe staff are sweeping and 
cleaning at the back tables.

    Roz: Oh, hey, Niles.
  Niles: Hey, Roz.
    Roz: [glumly] God, do you realize how pathetic this is?  It's 9:30
         on a Saturday night and neither one of us is surprised to see 
         the other one here alone.  I've never seen this place looking 
         so grim.
  Niles: [even more depressed] Oh, this is Mardi Gras compared to
         half an hour ago, when it was just me and an elderly gentleman 
         who cleaned his teeth with his coffee stirrer, and then put 
         them back in his mouth.  Let me get the waitress. [catching 
         the waitress's eye]
    Roz: Oh God, not her, I hate her.  She's in my spinning class at
         the gym.  I've been killing myself trying to take off these 
         last five pregnancy pounds, and nothing!  Meanwhile she's down 
         at the snack bar stuffing her face and waving to everybody.  
         She's such a phony.  

Kit the waitress comes over to the table.

    Kit: Hi, Roz.
    Roz: Hey, Kit, you were great in class tonight!        
    Kit: Are you kidding?  I've been such an oinker lately.  What can
         I get you?
    Roz: Oh, a non-fat latte for me.
    Kit: [leaving] Coming right up.
    Roz: See what I mean?  She's such a fake.
  Niles: I'm sorry, Roz, I'm afraid I'm not going to be very good
         company tonight.
    Roz: Well, whatever your problems are, you'll laugh at them when
         you hear what I've been through.  I had a date tonight.  I got 
         halfway down my driveway when he called me on my car phone and 
         cancelled.  I was too humiliated to go back in the house and 
         face the sitter, so - don't ask me why - I went to the zoo.  
         You really want to feel good about yourself?  Put on your best 
         outfit and walk through the monkey house on a Saturday night.  
         And be sure and stop by and see Remo the baboon, who knows 
         all kinds of ways to have fun without a date.  Feeling better 
         about your problem?
  Niles: Daphne and Donny got engaged yesterday.  
    Roz: Oh my God.
  Niles: Yeah, and lucky me, I had to sit there and watch, horrified.  
         There wasn't a thing I could to do stop it - much like your
         monkey house experience.  
    Roz: I am so sorry, Niles.  You really did have a worse night than
         I did.

Just then Noel Shempsky enters the cafe and is immediately drawn to 

   Noel: Hey, Roz!
    Roz: [miserably to Niles] Oh wait, I'm gaining on you.
   Noel: Isn't this a splendiferous surprise?  So Roz, Dr. Crane -
         is this a date?
  Niles: No, just a chance meeting. [to Roz's grimace] Sorry.
   Noel: So Roz, where is this person you told me you had a date
    Roz: That got cancelled.
   Noel: [archly] Oh... "cancelled," you say?  And here you are,
         showing up at my regular Saturday night hangout.  Will the 
         coincidences never stop?  Perhaps you'd care to join me for 
         a late supper?
    Roz: No, Noel.  As I said earlier, I'm really not in the mood.
   Noel: Playing hard to get, I see. [to Niles, sotto voce] It's all 
         part of the mating dance.  Watch and learn.


Scene Two - Frasier's Apartment - The Next Morning. Frasier in his bathrobe ushers in Niles, nattily dressed in a blazer and slacks and carrying his trench coat. Martin, also in his robe, is reading the paper in his Chair. Niles: Morning. Frasier: Ah, Niles. Armani? At eight in the morning on a Sunday? Niles: Yes, yes, I'm having lunch with Maris. Martin: With Maris? Niles: Yeah. We scheduled this weeks ago. She still has some of my first editions, and I thought she might be more amenable to returning them if I took her to her favorite bistro. Frasier: Oh, well then, the worst you're out is a cup of clear broth. Niles: No, this is lunch. She takes her large meal in the evening. I'm sorry to barge in so early, but I had to get out of the Montana. The couple next door were just married and they kept me up all week with their boisterous lovemaking. Why is it when you're by yourself there's nothing but couples in love rubbing it in your face? Faye enters in Frasier's bathrobe and pads over to the table to give him an affectionate kiss. Faye: Good morning! Niles, are you going to join us for breakfast? Niles: [begging off] For breakfast? Well, actually- Faye: Oh, come on, you've got to. I brought some pastries from the restaurant. Martin: I didn't even hear you two come in last night. Frasier: Well, we got in kind of late. We took a long walk after dinner. Faye: Yeah, it was great. [heading out to the kitchen] The streets were deserted, it was all misty out. It was like we were the only two people in town. [goes to the kitchen] Niles: [flipping open his cell phone] I wonder if Maris would rather have breakfast than lunch. Frasier: Oh, Niles, put that down. Martin: Now wait, Frasier, if Niles wants to leave- Frasier: Dad, please, there's no need for Niles to feel awkward. You're here. It's not like he's some third wheel. Bonnie (last seen in [6.12] "Our Parents, Ourselves") comes into the living room in a short bathrobe and perches on the arm of Martin's recliner, putting her arm around him affectionately. Bonnie: Good morning. Martin: Hey! You boys remember Bonnie, from McGinty's? Frasier: Yes, of course. Niles and Frasier rise to greet Bonnie. Bonnie: I was at the Super Bowl party, remember? I brought the ham loaf. Frasier: Well, who could forget? We talked about it long after. Niles: It came up almost daily. Bonnie: Aren't you sweet? [going into the kitchen] I'm just going to get some coffee. Martin: Okay. [to Frasier, after Bonnie leaves] You could have told me you were having Faye over. Frasier: Well, I'm sorry, Dad. I didn't realize you were seeing Bonnie. Martin: Yeah, I see her from time to time. You got a problem with Bonnie? Frasier: Well, no. Martin: Because if you're bringing it up, you know, I have second thoughts about Faye. I liked the other one you were seeing, Cassandra. She was a dish! Frasier: I don't care. I prefer Faye. I had to make a choice, no matter how much fun it was dating two beautiful women. Niles: This morning just gets better and better. Bonnie: [coming in with Faye, each bearing a loaded tray] Who wants coffee and pastry? Niles: Nothing for me, thanks. Faye: Are you sure? I make a mean nutcake. Niles: [rising to get his coat] No, that's all right, I'm meeting one for lunch. Frasier: So, Bonnie, I see you've met Cassandra. Faye: Who? Frasier: Oh, Lord, I'm sorry. Faye! Faye: Who's Cassandra? Frasier: Uh, my... Aunt Cassandra. Yes, that must be the-the connection. See, you remind me a bit of her. She was an angel, wasn't she, Dad? Martin: Oh, Cassandra? Great gal. I wish she was around. Eddie comes in and jumps up on the couch. Bonnie: Ah, Eddie, good morning. I'll bet you can't wait to meet Lady. Martin: Yeah, we're getting Eddie together with Bonnie's poodle. We figure if we hit it off, maybe something will happen for them. Even dogs deserve happiness! Niles: [having had enough] Okay, well, I'll be off. Bonnie: [pointing to Niles's blazer] Oh, hold on, you've got a loose button right there. Niles: No, no, it's all right. Bonnie: No, it's about to come off. Niles: No- Bonnie: [pulling off the button] See? Here, I'll sew it back on for you. [pulling the blazer off a reluctant Niles] I've got needle and thread. You don't want to lose it, do you? Niles: I'm trying not to. Frasier, I have to get out of here! Frasier: [guiding Niles to a chair] Now Niles, listen, just relax. There's no cause for an anxiety attack. Just then Donny and Daphne enter from her room in their bathrobes. Donny: Good morning! Niles begins to gasp for air. Frasier: [handing him the empty pastry bag] Breathe into this! [Niles waves it off] Martin: I didn't know you two were going to be here last night. Why doesn't somebody say something? Donny: Well, we planned on going to my place, but we ended up going to a little piano bar just around the corner from here. Daphne: Such a charming spot. So intimate. And to top it off, the piano player knew all my favorite songs - "Yesterday", "As Long As He Needs Me," "Climb Every Mountain." Frasier: Well, you threw him some real curves there. Donny: [to Faye] Hi, I'm Donny Douglas, and I'm... in love. Daphne: Listen to him. He embarrasses me like that at least ten times a day. And I just can't get enough of it. [kisses Donny] Niles begins gasping again and heads over toward the couch, where Bonnie is still working on his blazer. Niles: How we coming on the button? Bonnie: I've almost got the needle threaded. Niles gasps deeper and looks to Frasier for rescue. Frasier: All right! You know, if anybody's hungry, we've got plenty of goodies here from Le Cigare Volante. Cassandra's the pastry chef there. Faye: She is? I thought I was. Frasier: I'm so sorry! God, I did it again. I guess I must have her name on my mind. Faye: Well, that's okay. Just try to remember mine. Frasier looks blank. Faye: Faye! Frasier: Faye! Oh, Faye... Donny: You know, I'm kind of glad this worked out the way it did. Neither Daphne nor I has any family here in Seattle. You know what I'd like to do? I'd like to make this our engagement breakfast. There are sentimental oohs and ahhs all around. Niles's "ahh" looks suspiciously like a repressed scream. Donny: Surrounded by friends who treat us like family. And I'd like to dedicate it to the woman who's filled my life with a joy I never thought I'd find. Niles is really gasping now. Everyone else clinks coffee cups and murmurs "hear, hear." Bonnie: Ah, Marty, I think I'm gonna cry. Martin: Ah, jeez... Faye: [admiring Daphne's hand] Oh my God, look at that ring. Daphne shows her ring to Bonnie and Faye as Niles faints, falling off his chair, unnoticed by anyone. FADE OUT END OF ACT ONE ACT TWO Scene One - The Radio Station — A Few Days Later Frasier is signing off as Roz listens from the booth. Frasier: That's it for today. This is Dr. Frasier Crane saying goodbye, and good mental health. He punches the button and takes off his headphones. Frasier: Nice job there, Roz. Could you please try to find some callers that have real psychological problems? Roz: Your dad's on Line 2. Frasier: I meant during the show, thanks. [picking up the phone] Yeah, Dad, hi. What, again? Oh, that's the third time he's cancelled this week. You know, he's been so lonely you'd think he'd be glad for my company. Well, all right, no matter. I guess I'll see you home in a while. Oh, I don't know, later. Oh, maybe an hour, two hours, I don't know! Oh, for God's sake, well just hang a tie on the door if you're so worried about it! [hanging up] Roz comes into the studio. Roz: Is everything okay, Frasier? Frasier: Yeah, Roz. I was thinking about something. You know, it's funny how loneliness can make people behave in strange ways. Roz: [looking guilty] What do you mean? Frasier: Oh, you know, do things that are sort of rash, and act out of character. Roz: Oh God, I knew someone would find out about it! Who told you? Did he tell you? I'll kill him! Frasier: Roz! Roz: [panicked] Oh please, Frasier, don't tell anybody else! Oh, I beg you! It was one night, one lonely, stupid night! Frasier: What are you talking about? Roz: You don't know? Frasier: No! What happened? Roz: [covering, trying to leave] Nothing, I'll see you tomorrow. Frasier: [stopping her] Roz! Stay right here. Now you listen to me, I am your friend, you know that. I would never judge you. Now, just how... stupid and lonely were you? Roz: It's the last person I ever would have dreamed of. Noel passes by and knocks on the glass, gazing fondly at Roz for a moment before moving on. Roz waves to him distractedly and continues talking, but Frasier leaps to the obvious conclusion. Roz: I guess I haven't been dating much lately and I just I've been so lonely. Frasier: Oh my God! You've slept with Noel. Roz: [utterly disgusted] NO! Oh, how could you even think such a thing! Frasier: All right, just tell me. Who was it? Roz: Nobody. It doesn't matter. It's over. It was a mistake and I just want to forget it ever happened. She flees to her booth, Frasier in hot pursuit. Frasier: Roz, Roz, listen, we've all been there. Come on. You were just looking for a little comfort. It's all right. No reason to beat yourself up about it. Bulldog comes into the booth and greets Roz with genuine affection, trying to hug her. Bulldog: Hey, baby, I'm sorry I had to skip out before breakfast. Roz: [breaking away from him] Oh, Bulldog! Frasier: Bulldog?! Roz: Bulldog. Bulldog: [raising his fists in victory] Bulldog! Roz: Oh, Frasier, swear you won't tell anybody else! Bulldog: [patting her on the rear] So you told the doc, eh? Guess you just had to brag, huh? [as she hits him] Hey, I don't blame you. I told a few guys myself. Roz: Oh God, oh God, oh God! Bulldog: Gee, where have I heard that before? Frasier: [retreating hastily] I'll just leave you two alone. Roz: [attempting to follow him] I'm right behind you. Bulldog: Gee, where have I heard that before? He corners her, but she gets away from him and tries to go out the door. He closes it and blocks her path. He plays with the front of her sweater teasingly as she confronts him angrily. Roz: Stop that! Look, Bulldog, last night was a mistake. I will regret it for the rest of my life, and if you ever bring it up again, I promise you you'll regret it. Bulldog: Hey... He backs her up against the door and kisses her. She hits him several times, each time more weakly. They break the clinch, breathing heavily. Bulldog: Your place tonight? Roz: Ten o'clock. Use the service elevator. Bulldog barks as Roz flees the studio. FADE OUT Scene Two - Frasier's Living Room - That Afternoon Daphne is cleaning the living room as Donny lounges on the couch, eating Chinese food from carryout cartons and dictating into a recorder. Daphne is wearing a rubber glove on her left hand and is furtively looking around the floor for something. Donny looks askance at her. Daphne: How's the speech coming along? Donny: Oh, it's almost finished. [resuming his dictation] "So though you are graduating today, your learning has just begun-" [squirming on the couch] There's something under the cushions back here. Daphne: What, you found something? Donny: [reaching behind the cushion] Oh, it's a cell phone. Daphne: [disappointed] Oh. Donny: [handing it to her] Is this Frasier's? Daphne: No, he had his when he left for work this morning. Must be his brother's. I'll tell him the next time he's over. [leaving] I'm... going to finish tidying up the kitchen. Frasier enters through the front door. Frasier: Hello, all. Donny: Hey, Frasier. Frasier: [eyeing Donny's gym shoes and cartons on the suede couch] Hello, Donny. I hope I didn't come home at an inconvenient moment. Donny: No, your timing's perfect, actually. One eggroll left. He tosses Frasier an eggroll, which Frasier catches. Donny: Nice hands. Frasier: Yes, they were. Daphne comes in and continues looking around the living room furtively as she hands Donny a glass. Daphne: Here's your drink. Donny: Oh, thanks. [to Frasier] Isn't she great? Takes me on a three mile run and then feeds me diet soda. [eating another eggroll] I thought I'd hate healthy living, but you know, it ain't so bad. Frasier: Daphne, why are you wearing that rubber glove? Daphne: What, this? I was, um... doing the dishes. Frasier: With just one? Daphne: [inventing] It's the English way. You wash with the left, dry with the right. Started during the war, I think, when rubber was rationed. Frasier: Oh, yes. Daphne: Can I see you in the kitchen, Dr. Crane? Frasier: Yes, of course. Let me just call Niles first. He cancelled on me again today. But Donny has beat Frasier to the phone. Donny: Oh, I'll just be a second here. I just have to check up on a case I'm finishing. Poor bastard, I'm really taking him to the cleaners. Frasier: Well, perhaps you'd be so kind as to bring the couch along. Reset to: Kitchen Frasier follows Daphne into the kitchen. Frasier: Yes, Daphne? Daphne: I'm afraid a terrible thing has happened. I've lost my engagement ring. Frasier: Well, where was the last place you saw it? Daphne: That's just it, I've searched everywhere! I'm terrified Donny'll find out. Frasier: Daphne, you can't go around hiding your hand forever. You're gonna have to tell him. He's a reasonable man, he'll understand. Daphne: I suppose you're right. She pulls off her rubber glove, but Donny comes into the kitchen on the cordless phone and she dives toward the refrigerator. Donny: [on the phone] You're negligent, pal! You're criminally irresponsible, you were careless, and you're going to pay for it! Yeah! [hanging up and tossing the cordless phone to Frasier] Here you go, boss. Frasier: Thank you. Donny: Hey, Daph? Daphne emerges from the refrigerator with her left hand inside a raw chicken. Daphne: [nonchalantly] Yes, love? Donny: What are you doing? Daphne: Oh, I'm just stuffing the bird for Dr. Crane's dinner. She lays the chicken on a cutting board and sprinkles pepper on it. Donny: Oh. Listen, unfortunately I'm going to have to work late. I'm going to just pop in the shower and then I'll have to leave. Daphne: [seasoning the bird] Oh, I'm sorry. Donny: Oh, that's okay. Absence just makes the heart grow fonder. He pulls her into a kiss and she hugs him, her hand still inside the chicken. He heads off toward Daphne's room as Frasier speed-dials the phone. Frasier: You know, Daphne, if that ring never turns up, that chicken works, too. Just see how it catches the light. Daphne: Oh, stop it! I'm just going to go have a look in the bedroom. She extracts her hand and leaves. Frasier talks on the phone as he replaces the chicken in the refrigerator and washes his hand. Frasier: Hello? Niles? [leaving a message] It's Frasier. Yes, listen, I've tried you at your office, I've tried you at home, now I'm calling your cell phone. If I don't reach you now I'm actually going to get very worried about you. He stays on the phone in the kitchen as Martin comes in the front door and hears Niles's cell phone ringing on top of the bookcase. He hobbles over to answer it. Martin: Hello? Frasier: Yes, hello, is Niles Crane there, please? Martin: Uh, I don't know, I just got here. Let me go check. He puts the cell phone down and looks around, then goes into the kitchen, where Frasier is still on the portable phone. Martin: Frasier, have you seen Niles? Frasier: I'm just trying to reach him, Dad. Martin: Oh, okay. Martin goes back into the living room and retrieves the cell phone. Martin: No, I'm sorry, he's not here, but I'll write your name down and give it to him. Wait a minute, I've gotta find a pen. He puts the phone down again and goes into the kitchen. Martin: Frasier, have you seen my- Frasier: Dad, please, I'm on the phone! Martin: Well, I'm sorry, I was just looking for a pen! Forget it. He goes back to the living room as Frasier realizes what's going on. He follows Martin. Martin: [on the phone] Hello? Listen, could you maybe call back in an hour? Frasier: Dad? Martin: Would you mind, please? I'm on the phone! Frasier: [into his phone] Dad, it's me. Martin: [realizing] Frasier, why did you call from the kitchen? You could have just walked in here! Frasier: Just hang up the phone. [Martin does] For God's sake, it must be Niles's cell phone. Gee, that's strange. He's never without that phone. Martin: Huh. Frasier: And what's more, he's been avoiding me for the last three days. Martin: Oh, cut him a little slack. Seeing the six of us the other morning couldn't have done much for his mood. He's probably just gone off somewhere to be by himself. Frasier: Well, I just hope he hasn't done something foolish. Remember he was having brunch with Maris on Sunday. Martin: Oh, that was just business. Frasier: Well, you know, Dad, he is broken-hearted. People in his condition have a tendency to run back to their exes. A lonely man clinging to an available warm body. Well, of course in Maris's case, that's just an expression. Martin: He just spent two years divorcing her. He's not going to go back to her. Frasier: Yeah, I hope you're right. Say, didn't you have plans today with Bonnie? Martin: Oh, it was cut short. We had an incident. Frasier: Really? What happened? Martin: Oh, we took the dogs to this park near Bonnie's, and I knew there'd be a little sizing each other up and everything. But this poodle of hers, Lady - which she ain't! - walks right up to Eddie, knocks him over and then sits her big French butt right on his head. Frasier: You're kidding. Martin: No. And the worst thing was, he just lay there whimpering and took it. And Bonnie, she thought it was really cute. I mean, what kind of a person likes to see a dog humiliated? Frasier: Dad, may I remind you that not a holiday goes by that you don't dress that dog up in some sort of ridiculous hat? Martin: Hey, there's nothing wrong with those hats. He looks good in hats. He's got a hat face! He follows Frasier into the kitchen. Martin: Well, he was probably just intimidated being over in Lady's park, you know. Wait'll he gets over to this side of town. He owns that park. Even the big dogs are scared of him. Frasier: That's because they've seen him in his hats and they think he's crazy! Niles's cell phone rings on the counter. Frasier goes to answer it. Frasier: It's Niles's cell phone. [answering] Hello? Niles Crane's... phone. Yes, it's his brother. I'll be glad to tell him. Thank you. He hangs up, looking vindicated. Martin looks on curiously. Frasier: Well. That was St. Pierre jewelers. The diamond earrings Niles ordered are ready. Martin: Diamond earrings? Frasier: Uh-huh. From Maris's favorite jeweler. You know what, he's obviously too afraid to tell us that he's run back to her. Martin: Now stop that, you're scaring me. He doesn't have to be with Maris. Maybe he's hurt, maybe he's in the hospital or something. Frasier puts on his trench coat and hands Martin his jacket. Martin doesn't budge out of his chair. Frasier: We've got to track him down and talk some sense into him. I'll tell you what, we'll head over to the Montana, and if he's not there, we'll go to Maris's. Martin: Well, I don't want to go to Niles's and I sure as hell don't want to go to Maris's! Frasier: Dad, this is not about what you or I want, this is about what Niles needs! For God's sakes, the man is devastated, he's vulnerable. We need to rally around him and show him our support. Martin: [giving up and following Frasier out the door] Well, why didn't we just do this on Sunday? Frasier: We had our girlfriends over! FADE OUT Scene Three - The Montana - Hallway Outside Niles's Apartment Frasier rings the bell as Martin hangs back. Frasier: Dad, what are you doing back there? What are you so worried about? Martin: Well, what do you think? Running into Maris. You know how angry she gets. I just wish we had a sharp stick or a heavy net or something. Niles opens the door in his dressing gown, looking tousled and sleepy. Frasier: Niles! Niles: Yes? Frasier: Niles, where have you been? You haven't been answering any of my calls. Niles: Oh, Frasier, I am so sorry. I'll call you tomorrow. He tries to shut the door, but Frasier holds it open. Frasier: No. I want to talk to you right now. Niles: Well, I can't. I'm, I'm... [meaningfully] entertaining, so off you go. Martin: [vehemently, pushing his way inside] No, we're not leaving without you, so put on your shower shoes and a coat and let's get out of here. Niles: What is wrong with you? Frasier: [following Martin in] Niles, I know how difficult the last three weeks have been for you. I'm sorry, you are making a big mistake. This is NOT the way to handle it. Niles: So - you know what's going on? Martin: Yes, Niles! Frasier: How did this whole thing even get started? Niles: Well, we had an impromptu coffee at the Café Nervosa, and that led to a movie, and that led to dinner, and ever since then we've been practically inseparable [smiling] and to tell you the truth, we're kind of happy about it. [Frasier and Martin look disgusted] How do you even know about this? Frasier: [handing him his cell phone] Your jeweler called. Your diamond earrings are ready. Niles: Oh, well, thank you for the message. Now go away! Frasier: No! Niles, we're not going anywhere. You may consider this a full-blown intervention. We're not leaving until you have got some self-respect back! Kit comes dashing down to the upstairs landing in a fit of enthusiasm and a fetching red silk pajama top, clearly one of Niles's. She looks like Meg Ryan with long curly hair. Kit: Niles! You know what we should do tonight? [seeing Frasier and Martin] Oh, hi. [going right on] Build a fire and make s'mores. Frasier: You might also want to get some graham crackers. Kit: [coming down to the living room and putting her arms around Niles] I'm sorry, I didn't know we had company. Niles: No, no, that's okay. Kit, this is- Kit: [pointing at Frasier] No, wait, I know you from the cafe. Cappuccino, light foam. [to Martin] And you too. Coffee, black, nothin' fancy! Frasier and Martin are charmed and relieved. Niles: [hugging her in delight] Isn't that good? Kit, this is my father, Martin, and my brother, um... [thinking] Frasier. Frasier: How do you do? Kit: Really? [looking at Niles] Oh, I see it. Cool! Frasier: You know, this is sort of a surprise, I guess. We didn't expect to see the two of you together. Kit: [with her arms around Niles] Oh, I had my eye him from the minute I saw him. He's always so neatly put together. I just couldn't wait to mess him up! She musses his robe playfully. Niles is a little startled but flattered. He's digging this in a big way. Niles: And mission accomplished! Frasier: So, Niles, you haven't seen Maris then since Sunday? Niles: [catching on and grinning smugly] Oh, is that who you thought I was here with? That's funny. No wonder you were upset. Kit: Who's Maris? Niles: My ex-wife. Kit: Well, if you want to see her too, that's cool. I told you, no strings. [rubbing his face seductively] Just fun. Martin: [grinning broadly] You always want your kids to have more than you had. Frasier grimaces jealously as we FADE OUT.
This episode was originally broadcast as a one-hour show. This is Part Two: [6.24]

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