[10.24] A New Position For Roz

A New Position For Roz                       Written by Lori Kirkland 
                                           Directed by Kelsey Grammer 
Production Code: 10.24
Episode Number In Production Order: 237
Original Airdate on NBC: May 20, 2003
Transcript written on May 26, 2003


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Transcript {Kelly Dean Hansen}

Skyline: The sun rises over the city.


[Scene 1 - KACL
Frasier is discussing the state of his show with Kenny.]

Frasier: Kenny, this is not amateur hour.  My show is already suffering
         enough just losing Roz.  I will not let you replace her with a
         complete novice.
  Kenny: Come on, don't you remember when you were a young whippersnapper
         with nothing but a pantload of talent and a headful of dreams?
Frasier: [pauses] Are we still talking about Noel?

[We see that Noel is in Roz's usual place with headphones on.  Roz is
standing behind him.]

   Noel: Five seconds to launch, Dr. Crane.

[Kenny takes the opportunity to exit.  Frasier sits at the console.]

Frasier: Yeah. [He puts on his headphones.] Good afternoon, Seattle, this
         is Dr. Frasier Crane.  Before we get to our first call, I'd like
         to remind you that we are losing our beloved producer, Roz Doyle
         in a couple of weeks to another career opportunity.
    Roz: [jumping in, to the microphone in front of Noel] That's KPXY, the
         Mighty Pixy, Seattle's more exciting talk, Whoo-hoo!
Frasier: [glares at Roz] In the meantime, we have with us today Noel
         Shempsky, a KACL employee whose sole qualification for this job
         seems to be that he has never taken a sick day.
   Noel: Good afternoon, listeners, near and stars away.  Our first query
         comes from a Class M planet we call Earth, and appears to be
         personal in nature. [Frasier is putting his head in his palms
         and drumming his fingers.] Oh, and his name is Glen.
Frasier: [drumming the console with his knuckles] Go ahead, Glen, I'm
    Roz: [to Noel] Okay, Noel, that was good, but you need to tell Frasier
         the name of the caller, the town they're calling form, and why
         they're calling.
   Noel: Okay.  [rising] You know, maybe I would learn more if you sat
         down behind me and guided my hands, like they did in Ghost.

[Roz has taken a seat in the chair.  Noel attempts to sit on her lap,
misses, and falls down to the floor.]

    Roz: Ooh!  Noel!! [She recoils in disgust.]

[Julia enters Roz's booth from the outside as Noel is in this compromising
position.  He has now turned to face Roz and is on his knees.]

   Noel: Oh, hi Julia!
    Roz: Do you mind?  I'm trying to show Noel what I do.
  Julia: [wryly] Is that why he's on his knees?

[Julia walks through the door to Frasier and sits next to him.]

    Roz: Get up.  Now let me give you some pointers on call screening.
         Your first priority are your leapers and jumpers.  Next up,
         angry people, they're great energy and a welcome change from
         our largest group, the sad sacks.  The trick of it is, you
         want to arrange these calls so that each segment is "can't
         miss" radio.
   Noel: I thought it was just about Frasier doing good work.
    Roz: Please, it's all about ratings!  If the station had its way,
         every call would end in an auto-erotic suicide.
Frasier: Thank you, Roz, now that Seattle knows how we do things around
         here, perhaps you could let Noel know to keep his elbow off the
         mic button.

[Noel quickly moves his elbow, which he has been leaning on the console.
Julia and Frasier snicker at Roz and Noel.  Fade out.]

[Scene 2 - Frasier's apartment
Frasier and Roz are seated at the dining table doing paperwork.  Martin is
in his chair.]

Frasier: Oh, Roz, do you realize this is the last time we'll do paperwork
    Roz: [flatly] Yeah, it's really sad.
 Martin: What exactly is the new job, Roz?
    Roz: Program director.
 Martin: Ooh, now that's a job.  Let me give you a piece of advice.  Less
         smut and more older-people shows.
    Roz: Yeah, I know, Martin, but that's not exactly what they're going
 Martin: You could have a show about owning dogs, or how about this: A
         show where people just call in with jokes they've heard.  That'd
         be a riot.
Frasier: I think they're looking for a wider audience than just you, Dad.
 Martin: Lots of people would be interested in that sort of thing.
    Roz: Yeah, but the advertisers are looking for the young dollars.
 Martin: What's wrong with my money?
    Roz: You don't spend it all on fast food and beer.
 Martin: Yes, I do!  [rising] You know, I'm tired of society blowing me
         off just because I'm a senior citizen.  You know, one day we're
         going to rise and take this country back from you young smart
         alecks.  And it won't be pretty either. [He begins to exit.]
    Roz: I could mention the joke idea to my boss.
 Martin: You just bought yourself a little more time. [He exits.]
Frasier: Well, here it is, Roz, the final parking requisition form.  The
         end of an era.  Listen, I know that Kenny is giving you a going-
         away dinner, but I wanted to have a little celebratory dinner,
         just the two of us, all right?  Any night you're free.
    Roz: Well, Niles and Daphne are watching Alice.  How about tonight?
Frasier: [rising] Well, actually I'm-I'm meeting Julia later.
    Roz: [rising] Why would you want to do that?
Frasier: [walking behind the couch] Well, we've sort of been seeing each
         other lately.
    Roz: [truly shocked] You and Julia?!  She's a total bitch.
Frasier: Now, Roz, if you took the time to get to know her, you'd see that
         she's really not such a bad person.
    Roz: Like get to know her naked, you mean.
Frasier: [with irritation] No.  I think she's been misjudged.  Sure, she's
         got a lot of walls up, but there must be something good inside if
         it needs that much protection.
    Roz: Well, there are walls around prisons, too. [She gets ready to
Frasier: Yes, Roz, your opinion has been noted.
    Roz: [as she exits with her briefcase] There are walls around insane
         asylums, cholera wards...
Frasier: [holding the door] Thank you, Roz.
    Roz: ...nuclear facilities, gator farms.
Frasier: All right, shut up.

[She exits.  He closes the door.  Fade out.]

[Scene 3 - Niles's and Daphne's apartment at the Montana
Daphne is seated on a chair next to the fainting couch, wearing a pink
boa and looking casual and relaxed.  Alice is chasing Niles.  She tags

  Alice: Got you!
  Niles: [playing] Ooh!
  Alice: Now you chase me!
  Niles: [winded] Oh, no, I think it's Daphne's turn.
 Daphne: Oh, no, I just had four turns in a row.  But you know who does
         want a turn?  The TV! [She grabs Alice and seats her in front
         of the entertainment center.]  Come on, your video's all cued up.
         [She sighs with relief and returns to her chair.]
  Niles: Should we really be plopping her in front of the tube?
 Daphne: It's an educational tape.  Did you want to read her more Jung
         for Jungsters?
  Niles: She doesn't seem to respond to it.  Perhaps that's a treat we'll
         save for our own child.  When will that be?  When are we going to
         have a child of our own?
 Daphne: Oh, I don't know, when we're ready.
  Niles: Yes, we always say that, but how will we know when we're ready?
         I mean, if it were just me, I'm ready right now.
 Daphne: I just don't feel like we're quite there yet.
  Niles: Well, what has to change?

[At this point, Gertrude Moon walks in the front door.]

Gertrude: What's this little brat doing here?  Make sure it don't make
          any noise. [She exits upstairs.]
  Daphne: Maybe it's me biorhythms.
   Niles: [laughing] Daphne, might this have something to do with your
          mother living with us?

[As he says this, he moves from the fainting couch to the coffee table
to face Daphne.  He sits on one of Alice's toys, which squeaks.  He and
Daphne laugh as he removes it.]

  Daphne: Well, I've always thought in the back of my head that we'd
          start a family after she left.
   Niles: But that doesn't have to stop us from getting pregnant.  And
          once we are, we've got nine months to get her out of the house.
  Daphne: Are you kidding?  If she found out there's a grandchild on the
          way, she'd never leave.  And I don't think I could take Mum
          and morning sickness at the same time.
   Niles: [lovingly] Oh the other hand, a grandmother can be a wonderful
          influence on a child.

[Gertrude re-enters from the stairway.]

Gertrude: Alice...you help Auntie Gert find her cigarettes, and you can
          have one.

[She smiles and walks to the kitchen.  Daphne smiles knowingly at Niles,
who chuckles.  Fade out.]

[Scene 4 - An elegant dining room. It is Roz's going-away party. Kenny, Frasier, Noel, Bulldog, Gil, Julia, and others are present.] Kenny: [standing and tapping a glass with a spoon] I think now would be a good time if anyone wants to stand up and say a few words to Roz. I know I'll miss her, which is why I'm proud to present her with this picture of the two of us at the last company picnic. [He hands her a 4X6 snapshot.] Won't that baby look nice in a frame? Enjoy. [Kenny pats her on the shoulder and sits down. Noel rises.] Noel: I'm next. [Noel pulls out a page, which he unfolds and from which he then reads.] Noel: "Sweetest Roz, you are my ship when I'm at sea, my fairest rose, my fantasy. With each sunrise my thanks I send, for you, my love, my true best friend." [Roz seems genuinely touched by Noel's speech. Bulldog makes faces while Noel is reading. After he finishes, most attendees are polite and say "Nice," etc. Bulldog reacts quite differently.] Bulldog: Puke! Noel: That was beautiful, you son of a b. Bulldog: [rising] Okay, everyb...[Noel is in his face.] Sit down. Sit down, Noel, sit down! Okay, everybody, Bulldog to the rescue. Now, I don't want to say Roz has had a lot of sex, but she's spent more time on her back than King Tut. [Frasier, Julia, Kenny, and Roz all have stunned looks on their faces.] Did you hear the story about the guy at KACL who didn't have sex with Roz? Me neither. But, uh, seriously--what's the difference between Roz and a dog in heat? [Frasier covers his face.] No, really, I'm asking. [uncomfortable pause] You people suck! Frasier: It's not a roast, Bulldog. Bulldog: It's not? I paid a guy at the Chuckle Factory 50 bucks to write jokes for me. Gil: When's he getting here? Bulldog: Okay, okay, you want a speech? Best of luck in your new job, Roz. [She smiles and raises her glass to him.] If you ever need a sports guy, I'm your man. And I wouldn't have any problem with you being my boss. After all, I know what it feels like to be underneath you. Am I right? Noel: [rising angrily to confront Bulldog] Watch what you SAY ABOUT HER!! [Frasier restrains Noel. Bulldog rushes away from him.] Frasier: Noel! Come on. Walk it off, Noel, walk it off. Gil: Careful, gents! Really, the way you two are always carrying on, people are going to start talking. [He grins cheesily and rises.] Hello, all. Gil Chesterton here, with a toast to Roz Doyle. Frasier: Hear, hear. Gil: A wonderful co-worker, and a good friend. All: Hear, hear. Gil: Of course, I too noticed Roz's sex appeal immediately. She had the same effect on all of us stallions in the KACL corral. She made us want to paw the ground and rise up on our powerful haunches [becoming more passionate], fetlocks glistening. Smokey, Misty, Storm! Away! [Gil downs his entire glass. His overwrought "heterosexuality" has made everybody uncomfortable.] Kenny: Okay, bar's closed. Gil? [Kenny whistles and motions for Gil to sit, which he does.] Kenny: Uh, Julia, your turn. Julia: [taken a bit by surprise, but very sincerely] Oh! Uh, well, I've only known Roz a short time, but I can see that she's a valuable member of this team, and I'm sure you'll be missed. Good luck. [This is the most sincere and respectful speech yet. Given the source, all are surprised. All raise their glasses. Frasier rises.] Frasier: Well said, well said. Roz...I celebrate your new adventure with you, but I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that this is a big loss for me. You were there on my first day at KACL, and you took me under your wing. Bulldog: [grinning] It's crowded under there. Noel: [menacingly whispering to Bulldog] I will kill you! [Bulldog moves a bit away. Roz smiles uncomfortably.] Frasier: [continuing] I don't think I'll ever grow accustomed to seeing somebody else in your booth. And certainly noone else can ever take your place in our hearts. And while we welcome new friends... [He places his arm on Julia's shoulder and looks at her with affection. Roz has a reaction of discerinble pain when she sees this.]...we are sad to say good-bye to old ones. Good luck, Roz. All: Hear, hear! Speech! Come on, Roz, speech! Roz: [rising and clearing throat] Thanks you guys. [She sees Julia comfortably resting her arm on Frasier's shoulder.] I just love you all for doing this for me. We really are like a family, aren't we? You know, this job at KPXY is a really great, great opportunity. But it'll never be like this. Which is why I'm changing my mind. I can't leave KACL, I'm staying! Kenny: Really! [He hugs her. Others react similarly. All applaud. Frasier rises and gives Roz a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Julia applauds with the rest, but the look on her face is uncomfortable and suspicious. Fade out.] END OF ACT I

[Scene 5 - Cafe Nervosa
Frasier and Roz approach the counter, where Gertrude is working.] 

 Frasier: [into his phone] Thank you very much. [hanging up his phone]
          Oh.  Mrs. Moon, we'd like to get two double lattes to go, please.
Gertrude: [smiling] For an extra dollar, I can add a nip of brandy.
 Frasier: Is that on the menu?
Gertrude: [pulling a whiskey bottle from her blouse] It's on the secret
 Frasier: I'll pass, thank you.
     Roz: You know, Frasier, I feel so invigorated to get back to my old
 Frasier: Oh, Roz...
     Roz: In fact. I'd really like to record some promos tonight if
          you're available.
 Frasier: Oh, I can't.  I'm taking Julia to the movies.  One of my
          favorites, Noch Einen Stuhl.
     Roz: Noch Einen Stuhl?
 Frasier: Yes, it's the story of a 19th-century Austrian family as told
          from the point of view of an old fireside armchair.
     Roz: I'm sorry, I dozed off, what were you saying?
 Frasier: [after giving her a look] You know what, I've got to get an
          alternative newspaper to check show times.  I'll be right back.
Gertrude: [bringing their order] Here we are.

[Frasier's cell phone, which he has left on the counter, rings.]

Gertrude: Your phone's ringing.
     Roz: Oh, it's not mine, it's Frasier's.

[The phone continues to ring.  Roz checks the caller ID and drops the

     Roz: Ooh!  It's Julia.
Gertrude: Who's that?
     Roz: This witch who's trying to get her hooks into Frasier.
          [enunciating to the phone] I hate her.
Gertrude: I'll fix her.

[Gertrude answers the phone.]

     Roz: Wh-what are you doing?
Gertrude: [waving Roz off, talking to the phone in a "seductive" voice]
          Hello.  [pause] Oh, I'm sorry, Frasier's in no position to talk,
          if you, uh, get my meaning.  Who's this, then?  Hold on. [She
          holds the phone at a short distance.] Sweetheart?  Do you want
          to talk to a Julia? [giggling girlishly] Oh!  Frasier, put me
          down! [normal voice] Sorry, he's not here after all.  Bye, now.
          [She hangs up quickly.]  There.  Problem solved.
     Roz: You know, you probably ruined their entire evening.  How can
          I thank you?

[Frasier returns, grabbing his phone.]

 Frasier: Only one showing of Noch Einen Stuhl tonight.  Got to go by the
          box office and pick up the tickets.
     Roz: [sarcastically] Yes, I bet they're going fast.

[They head to the exit, and run into Niles and Daphne, who are coming in.]

  Daphne: Hello!
 Frasier: Oh, sorry!  Wish we could join you guys.  I'm going to get
          tickets for Noch Einen Stuhl!
   Niles: [checking his watch] Cutting it a little close, aren't you?

[Frasier and Roz exit.  Niles and Daphne approach a table.]

  Daphne: Hey, Mum!  Whan you finish your shift, we'll drive you home.
Gertrude: Really?  Are you sure it wouldn't give you more pleasure to
          see me walk home on my bloody stumps?
  Daphne: Well, it would, but we're in a hurry.
   Niles: We'll, uh, we'll be here when you're ready.

[They observe a mother with an infant in a carrier.]

  Daphne: Oh, Niles...
   Niles: Oh...
  Daphne: Just think, one day we'll have one of those.
   Niles: Yes, just one awkward chore to get out of the way.
  Daphne: Well, that's romantic.
   Niles: I meant asking your mother to move out.
  Daphne: We're not asking her, Niles, we're telling her!
   Niles: I know, I know.
  Daphne: You have to be firm.
   Niles: Yes.
  Daphne: This is a woman who came for a week and stayed for a year and
          a half.
   Niles: Yes, I know, I just think that--
  Daphne: It's not like she's got no place to go.  She's got seven other
   Niles: I know.
  Daphne: Plus a home and friends in England.
   Niles: Many friends, yes, I just, I...I just don't know how to break
          it to her.
  Daphne: Well, the sooner we do, the sooner we can start our own family.
   Niles: You're right.  Do you realize, this time next year we could be
          sitting here with our own baby?
Gertrude: [overhearing as she walks by] Baby?  What's this, then?
  Daphne: We'll talk about it later.
Gertrude: I want to talk about it now.  What's going on?
  Daphne: Well, I was going to wait until later, but if you really want
          to know, we--
   Niles: Wait, wait, Daphne, Daphne. [clears throat] We've decided to
          start trying to get pregnant.
Gertrude: Oh, well, I'm glad you think you can.  I was beginning to think
          there might be something wrong with your equipment, Niles.
   Niles: [this is the motivation he needs] Oh, were you?  Well, here's
          more news: you're out of the house, so go pack your bags and
          find another sucker.

[Gertrude reacts.  Julia has entered and stands behind her.]

   Julia: Excuse me.  Can I get some service over here?
Gertrude: Keep your knickers on.  Don't move.  We're not done hashing
          this through.

[She goes behind the counter and changes her attitude to take Julia's

Gertrude: [in the "singsong" voice she used to answer Frasier's phone]
   Julia: [recognizing the voice, and suspiciously imitating it] Hello!
Gertrude: [again singsong] Hello!
   Julia: Say that again.
Gertrude: [singsong] Hello?
   Julia: Now say, "Frasier's in no position to talk, if you get my
Gertrude: [immediately giving in] Now, it was all Roz's idea.  I had no
          choice.  I'm not a well woman.

[She exits to the back.  Julia reacts.  Fade out.]

[Scene 6 - KACL
Julia enters the studio and confronts her.]

  Julia: Hello, Roz.
    Roz: Julia.
  Julia: [closing the door] I just talked to that waitress over at Nervosa.
         The one that answered Frasier's phone?  She gave you up immediately.
    Roz: [forcing laughter] Relax?  It was just a joke.
  Julia: Okay.  So what's going on?  Do you have some sort of problem with
         me seeing Frasier?
    Roz: Well, as long as you're asking...I think you're all wrong for him.
  Julia: That's not your call.
    Roz: I think I know Frasier a little better than you.

[Roz walks back to her booth.  Julia, clearly deeply offended and hurt,
but remaining calm, follows her.]

  Julia: So?
    Roz: So...he deserves someone better.  Someone who'll appreciate him.
  Julia: [barely keeping her cool] Oh, really?
    Roz: Yeah.  Frasier's a good guy.  He's smart and sweet and way too
         good for you.  Why don't you just leave?  Nobody here likes you
  Julia: [stoically] Frasier seems to.
    Roz: Well, he's an idiot.
  Julia: Are you trying to save Frasier from me or are you trying to save
         him for yourself?
    Roz: Are you out of your mind?
  Julia: [genuinely] Are you in love with him?
    Roz: Go to hell, Julia!
  Julia: That would explain why you turned down that great job.
    Roz: [faltering] That is not true.

[At this point, Noel, Gil, Kenny, and Bulldog have all gathered at the
window and begun to observe the confrontation.]

  Julia: Then stay out of my way.
    Roz: Or what?
  Julia: Do you want to find out?
    Roz: What, are you going to hit me or something?
  Julia: Don't think I won't.
    Roz: Well, you're sure taking your time.

[Others have joined the foursome at the window.  Julia and Roz both
shoot them an angry glance, and they quickly turn away their faces.]

    Roz: Stay away from him?  Got it?

[Julia retains her calm but cool composure.  Roz exits the booth and
chases away the voyeurs.]

    Roz: Get out of here!

[They quickly disperse.  Julia remains standing in the booth, contemplating
what has just transpired.  Fade out.]

[Scene 7 - Niles and Daphne's apartment
Gertrude is standing in the doorway, nicely dressed and surrounded by
her luggage.]

Gertrude: Well, I guess this is goodbye.  Um, I just want you to know,
          I love you both very much, and I'm, you know, looking forward
          to standing on my own two feet again.

[Niles and Daphne nod without emotion.]

Gertrude: Uh, thank you for the ticket and the luggage and the clothes
          and the spending money. [gasping] I'm sorry.  This is just so
   Niles: [caving] Gertrude, are you sure you're okay...
  Daphne: [interrupting, bluntly and without emotion] Good-bye, Mum,
          have a nice trip.  Say hello to everyone in Manchester for me.
Gertrude: Right, then. [She kisses Daphne on the cheek.] Good-bye, Niles.
          [She embraces him.] I know you'll be a wonderful father to my
          grandchild.  I hope you'll find time to send me a picture.
   Niles: [caving again] Can't we all just talk--
  Daphne: [interrupting] We have your address.
Gertrude: I'm off. [She exits.  Her whole demeanor has changed in this
          exchange.  She has been less abrasive and more sincere.]
   Niles: [barely containing himself] Bye.

[Daphne closes the door.]

   Niles: Oh, Daphne, you were wonderful.  I don't know how you did it.

[Daphne suddenly breaks down in a fit of uncontrollable sobs.]

  Daphne: Hold me, Niles.

[They embrace.  She continues to weep.]

   Niles: Hang on, hang on. [yelling] Gertrude!

[He opens the door.  She is standing right there, sobbing uncontrollably.]

Gertrude: Yes?
   Niles: Come here, come here.

[She enters the apartment.]

   Niles: Would you be willing to stay in Seattle if, say, you had your
          own apartment?
  Daphne: [breathlessly] Oh, Niles!
Gertrude: Do you really mean that?  I mean, I don't want to intrude.
   Niles: Well, of course I mean it.  And-and-and we'd even help with
          the rent.
Gertrude: [beginning to return to her old self] Define "help."
   Niles: We'll talk.
Gertrude: Well, then, it's settled.  I'll just go tell the taxi I'm
          not going!
   Niles: No, no, no.  You're going.  Just tell them to take you to the
          Four Seasons.  I'll go ahead and call and book you a room.
Gertrude: You've made me so happy, I think I'm going to cry!

[She embraces Niles.  He laughs nervously.  Daphne smiles lovingly.]

Gertrude: Niles, I...I don't know how to thank you.

[She exits.  Niles closes the door.]

  Daphne: [warmly] I do.

[She leads Niles away by the hand.  Fade out.]

[Scene 8 - Frasier's apartment
Martin answers the door to Roz.]

    Roz: Hey, Martin.
 Martin: Hi, Roz.  Come in.
    Roz: Is Frasier here?  I really need to talk to him.
 Martin: No, he went out for dinner.
    Roz: Oh, let me guess: Julia.
 Martin: [a bit shocked] Wow!  Not a fan, huh?
    Roz: I can't stand her actually.
 Martin: Really? [chuckling] Well, I just met her this evening, but she
         seemed nice to me.

[Martin moves to sit in his chair.]

    Roz: [sitting on the coffee table] Well, that's because she's got you
         snowed.  She's a mean, snooty tight-ass who thinks she's better
         than everybody else, and Frasier's making a giant mistake and
         somebody's got to do something about it.
 Martin: Well, good luck, when Frasier's heart takes over his brain shuts
    Roz: That's why we have to do something now, before this relationship
         gets any closer.  Will you help me?
 Martin: [tentatively] Well, Roz, if you feel that strongly about it, sure,
         I'll back you up.

[Frasier and Julia enter.  Julia is carrying a cake box.]

Frasier: Oh, hi guys!
 Martin: Hey!
Frasier: Hi, Roz!
  Julia: Hello, Roz.  Nice to see you.
    Roz: Julia.
  Julia: [enthusiastically] Martin, I've brought you some cake from the
 Martin: Restaurant cake? [He begins to get up.]
    Roz: Steady...
  Julia: [from the kitchen entry] It's chocolate.  Why don't I cut you a
         slice and pour you some milk?
 Martin: [standing, to Roz] New plan.  I'll distract her while you talk
         to Frasier.

[Martin follows Julia into the kitchen.  Frasier returns from the coat

Frasier: What's going on, Roz? I didn't expect to see you tonight.
    Roz: Well, um, I have something really important to talk to you
         about, and I really need you to listen to me.
Frasier: Well, absolutely, that's what I do.

[Frasier sits on the arm of Martin's chair, Roz on the coffee table.]

    Roz: I really, really, really think you should stop seeing Julia.
Frasier: Look, I know you two have your difficulties.
    Roz: [cutting him off] No!  It's not that.  She's all wrong for you.
Frasier: [after a pause] I think I see what's going on here.  You and I
         have a close relationship.  A new woman comes to the radio
         station.  She and I form a close relationship, and you feel
    Roz: No.  She's evil. [Frasier is taken aback.] It's not your fault.
         You can't see it because she puts on an act around you.
Frasier: Did it ever occur to you that maybe she's putting on an act for
         everybody else, and that maybe I see her as she really is?
    Roz: Oh, she's got you totally brainwashed.
Frasier: Roz, you have no right to come over here and run her down to me.
         It's really none of your business.
    Roz: This is my business!
Frasier: And why?
    Roz: Because...we're friends. [She suddenly becomes quite passionate.]
         I can't believe you're turning on me like this!  I gave up a job
         that was ten times better to stay on your show!
Frasier: Yes, and frankly, I don't understand that!  Why exactly did you
         turn down that job?

[They both rise.]

    Roz: Out of loyalty to you!
Frasier: Loyalty to me?  Are you sure?  Are you sure it wasn't just fear?
         Are you sure you're not just using me as an excuse not to grow
         and move on?

[Julia enters from the kitchen.]

  Julia: [cheerily] Who wants restaurant cake?

[Frasier turns to her uncomfotably.]

    Roz: You're going to have to choose, Frasier.
Frasier: [angrily] You will not put me in this position, Roz.  We will
         discuss it later!
    Roz: [shouting] No!  Tell me!  [pointing] It's her or me!  Tell me
         now, or I swear to God I will walk out of here and I will not
         come back!

[Frasier is clearly angered and offended that Roz has presented him with
such a choice.  He glares at her and walks to Julia's side.]

Frasier: Thank you, Julia, I think I will have some cake.

[Again he glares at Roz.]

    Roz: [stunned, weakly] Fine.

[She picks up her purse and exits dramatically.  Julia faces Frasier
and comforts him with what seems to be real affection.  Fade out.]

[Scene 9 - KPXY studio
The station manager, Woody Wizwell, is showing Roz her office.]

Wiswell: And this will be your office, Ms. Doyle.  Make yourself at home.
    Roz: Thank you, Mr. Wiswell.
Wiswell: Uh, there's no chance you'll change your mind again, is there?

[Roz is setting up at her desk.]

    Roz: No.  KACL is ancient history.
Wiswell: Good.

[He exits.  Roz continues to set up her desk, but she is clearly deeply
troubled.  Fade out.]

The faces of some of this season's guest callers are shown: Billy Bean,
Charles Busch, Laura Linney, Bill Paxton, and Bradley Whitford.

NB: The "Thanks for Calling" credits have been used for seasons 2, 3, 4,
6, 9, and 10.  Season 7 ended with a major cliffhanger, and the device
would have been appropriate, but due to a lack of guest callers that
season, NBC ran a promo after the one-hour finale both in its first-run
and rerun appearances.  In syndication, the credits for "Something
Borrowed, Someone Blue" run over a shot of Frasier's empty apartment.
Season Five was another cliffhanger, but the finale of "Sweet Dreams"
famously presents "Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs" in Spanish and a
salsa style while Frasier cleans out his office at the station.  This
is the only time that the theme has not been sung by Kelsey Grammer.
Season Eight also had a cliffhanger, but again, a dearth of guest
callers.  The credit sequence for that finale, "Cranes Go Caribbean,"
referred to a Niles/Daphne subplot.  Season One had the waitress again
fixing Frasier's coffee after "My Coffee With Niles."  "Thanks for Calling"
seemed to become standard after season two, then disappear for a couple
of seasons, but now it has been re-established.  The season finales of
1, 2, 3, and 6 could be classified as "closure" rather than "cliffhanger"
types of episodes.  Season Four was the first time a cliffhanger was used,
with Frasier spontaneously boarding a plane.  Now aren't you glad I gave
you that convenient (or possibly useless) little season finale compendium? :)

Guest Appearances

Special Guest Stars
DAN BUTLER as Bulldog

Guest Starring
EDWARD HIBBERT as Gil Chesterton
DAVID ALAN BASCHE as Woody Wiswell

TOM McGOWAN as Kenny

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 summary remains property of Frasier, Copyright of Paramount
 Productions and NBC. Printed without permission. 
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