Fan Favorite Top Ten Frasier Episodes

Here's a list of submitted Top Ten Frasier Episodes. If you haven't submitted yet, let us know your top ten Frasier episodes.

Duncan Jeffery's Top Frasier Episodes
submitted on 08/28/2018
So difficult to just pick 10 - if I did this another day it would be another list.

Doctor is Out has an amazing performance by Patrick Stewart - probably the best by a guest start. Plus it has the immortal line 'Nigel won't be the only one
"giving up his seat" tonight.'

The Proposal is really in for the last scene where Frasier is evacuating all the actors in Niles aborted proposal tableau - culminating up with the marvellous flying tackle on the horn player.
  1. [11.03] The Doctor Is Out
  2. [2.03] The Matchmaker
  3. [9.15] The Proposal
  4. [10.02] Enemy At The Gate
  5. [3.15] A Word To The Wiseguy
  6. [2.08] Adventures In Paradise [1]
  7. [7.13] They're Playing Our Song
  8. [1.11] Death Becomes Him
  9. [10.14] Daphne Does Dinner
  10. [1.12] Miracle On 3rd Or 4th Street
Frank Wood's Top Frasier Episodes
submitted on 08/22/2018
Nothing makes me laugh harder when I see Martin holding Niles' hands and telling everyone he's his boyfriend... and then the infamous Niles saying "So many reasons."
  1. [7.15] Out With Dad
  2. [4.06] Mixed Doubles
  3. [1.21] Travels With Martin
  4. [7.10] Back Talk [1]
  5. [7.03] Radio Wars
  6. [6.21] When A Man Loves Two Women
  7. [6.15] To Tell The Truth
  8. [9.07] Bla-Z-Boy
  9. [7.07] A Tsar Is Born
  10. [3.07] The Adventures Of Bad Boy And Dirty Girl
Jacob D.'s Top Frasier Episodes
submitted on 04/04/2018
Frasier is a show that I can watch any time, any where. It is, to me and my family, the most endearing and lasting series of all time. We watched it as I was growing up live on TV and now we watch it as a family almost every evening we are all together. We quote it throughout the day as a certain situation may arise. Frasier has become a part of our lives.

It is the best. Period.
  1. [5.14] The Ski Lodge
  2. [11.11] High Holidays
  3. [7.12] RDWRER
  4. [4.18] Ham Radio
  5. [11.03] The Doctor Is Out
  6. [4.08] Our Father Whose Art Ain't Heaven
  7. [2.04] Flour Child
  8. [4.22] Are You Being Served?
  9. [7.07] A Tsar Is Born
  10. [6.14] Three Valentines

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