Fan Favorite Top Ten Frasier Episodes

Here's a list of submitted Top Ten Frasier Episodes. If you haven't submitted yet, let us know your top ten Frasier episodes.

Jacob D.'s Top Frasier Episodes
submitted on 04/04/2018
Frasier is a show that I can watch any time, any where. It is, to me and my family, the most endearing and lasting series of all time. We watched it as I was growing up live on TV and now we watch it as a family almost every evening we are all together. We quote it throughout the day as a certain situation may arise. Frasier has become a part of our lives.

It is the best. Period.
  1. [5.14] The Ski Lodge
  2. [11.11] High Holidays
  3. [7.12] RDWRER
  4. [4.18] Ham Radio
  5. [11.03] The Doctor Is Out
  6. [4.08] Our Father Whose Art Ain't Heaven
  7. [2.04] Flour Child
  8. [4.22] Are You Being Served?
  9. [7.07] A Tsar Is Born
  10. [6.14] Three Valentines
Phoenix11's Top Frasier Episodes
submitted on 01/28/2018
Any episode featuring DHP is outstanding and it was very hard to narrow it down to 10. Thanks to Hulu, my love for this show is as strong as it was all those moons ago.
  1. [7.24] Something Borrowed, Someone Blue [2]
  2. [7.10] Back Talk [1]
  3. [7.15] Out With Dad
  4. [2.04] Flour Child
  5. [1.24] My Coffee With Niles
  6. [2.23] The Innkeepers
  7. [3.13] Moon Dance
  8. [4.18] Ham Radio
  9. [5.14] The Ski Lodge
  10. [1.17] A Mid-Winter Night's Dream
Christian's Top Frasier Episodes
submitted on 12/27/2017
1 - Voyage Of The Damned: Great premise, fantastic execution and so many memorable lines topped with the closest we’ve ever come to actually seeing Maris!
2 - Shut Out In Seattle (Parts 1&2): Full of laughs with a great story to boot. It’s also a very important episode in showing the personal growth of the Crane men after 6 seasons.
3 - Out With Dad: Non-stop laughs in a hilarious farsical episode.
4 - Three Dates And A Break-up (Parts 1&2): Somewhat in the same vein as Shut Out In Seattle but executed in a very different way. It’s full of laughs and has some of the greatest character moments and performances in the whole series.
5 - RDWRER - Kind of a sister episode to Season 1’s Travels With Martin but, in my opinion, executed more effectively here. It’s just a whole lot of fun and focuses on the hilarious interactions between the three Crane men.
6 - Secret Admirer - More of a hidden gem of an episode rather than a big, memorable one. This episode is just incredibly funny and focuses first on the embittered interactions between Maris and Niles nearing divorce proceedings and then on Frasier - so self-assured - believing he is sought after by a mysterious admirer from his past when the admirer is actually after Niles!

7 - Head Game: An episode proving that Niles’ character is so strongly written and performed that an episode of Frasier can be carried entirely on his own. At its heart, the episode asks what if Niles were the center of the show, rather than Frasier?

8 - Frasier Grinch: Arugably one of the better, if not the best, of the Christmas-themed episodes of Frasier. While it is the first time we see Freddy in Frasier, all later appearances of the character would be played by a different (and better fit for the role) actor. A very funny premise and once again, executed pretty much flawlessly. Also includes perhaps the most genuinely heart-warming guesture Martin has offered Frasier. The episode where the growth of their relationship in just three years is made fully apparent.

9 - To Kill A Talking Bird: An episode where Niles finally finds a permanent home in The Montana. The episode focuses on the inevitable yet hilarious disaster of another Crane party. The sister episode Taps At The Montana (Season 6) is also very funny.

10 - The Three Faces Of Frasier: Last in this list, an episode full of humour and one that focuses on Frasier’s rather damaged and overbearing ego.
  1. [5.06] Voyage Of The Damned
  2. [6.23] Shut Out In Seattle [1]
  3. [7.15] Out With Dad
  4. [4.19] Three Dates And A Break Up [1]
  5. [7.12] RDWRER
  6. [6.06] Secret Admirer
  7. [4.05] Head Game
  8. [3.09] Frasier Grinch
  9. [4.14] To Kill A Talking Bird
  10. [7.21] The Three Faces Of Frasier

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