[7.14]Big Crane On Campus

Big Crane On Campus                          Written by Mark Reisman
                                             Directed by Sheldon Epps
Production Code: 7.14
Episode Number In Production Order: 158
Original Airdate on NBC: 3rd February 2000
Episode filmed on 21st December 1999 
Synopsis written on 10th February 2000
Transcript written on 1st June 2000
Transcript revised on 1st June 2001



·  Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series: Jean Smart

Transcript {nicholas hartley}

Act One.

Scene One - Café Nervosa.
Frasier is sat when Roz arrives and sits with him.

    Roz: Frasier, thank God you're here.
Frasier: Why, what's wrong, Roz?
    Roz: My book club meets tonight and I haven't read the book.
Frasier: Oh my, that is a literary 911!  Wait, you joined a book club?
    Roz: Why is that so hard to believe?  I like to read.
Frasier: What's his name?
    Roz: [giving in:] Jason.
Frasier: A-ha.
    Roz: We met at a book store and he asked me to join his club. 
         He's separated, but I think it's for keeps.  He was buying 
         "Divorce for Dummies."
Frasier: Sounds like a real catch, Roz.
    Roz: Anyway, I was supposed to read "The Great Gatsby" last night 
         but I couldn't get Alice to sleep.  So could you give me a 
         quick summary? [takes out book and notes:]
Frasier: Well, all right, er, it was a time known as the Jazz Age. 
         Wall Street was booming, bootleg hooch was flowing and the 
         young people were doing a new dance called the Charleston.
    Roz: Where were you when I was trying to get Alice to sleep, 
         could you just get to it already?
Frasier: Oh, all right, fine. [notices a blond woman who has just 
         entered] Lorna Lenley!
    Roz: Okay, who's she?  Gatsby's girlfriend?
Frasier: The woman who just walked in.  She was the great beauty of 
         my high school.  She had brains, looks, style and the way she 
         filled out a mohair sweater - well, suffice it to say it was 
         snugger on her than on the goat!
    Roz: Why don't you go over and say hello?
Frasier: Oh God, Roz, she wouldn't even remember me.  She was with the 
         in-crowd.  The only people that knew me debated, recited or 
         were on a six-month visit from Abu Dhabi! [nervous:] God, 
         she's coming over, she's coming over, she's coming over!
  Lorna: [arrives] Excuse me, didn't we go to high school together? 
Frasier: Did we?
  Lorna: Yes, I thought you looked familiar.  You're Frasier, aren't 
Frasier: Well, that's right. [laughs] All right, let me guess, em, 
  Lorna: Lorna.
Frasier: Oh yes, of course.  Hello.  Roz, I'd like you to meet Lorna 
         Ann Lenley. [Lorna looks surprised] Anywhere close?
  Lorna: Very good!  Although it's Gardner now, but I'm going back 
         to Lenley, I was recently divorced. 
Frasier: Oh gosh, I'm sorry to hear that.  Er, Roz our chatting isn't 
         bothering your reading is it?
    Roz: Oh no, actually I... [off his glare:] Oh right, off I go! 
         [goes to get her coffee]
Frasier: So, er, I'm divorced myself actually.
  Lorna: Yes, I know, I listen to your show.
Frasier: Really?
  Lorna: Well, I sell Real Estate, so I'm in my car all the time.  So 
         whenever I can, I turn you on.
Frasier: Oh, my. [laughs]

Lorna's mobile rings.

  Lorna: Excuse me, I'll have to get that.
Frasier: No problemo. [goes to Roz's table] Roz, she's just as 
         lovely as ever. 
    Roz: So, are you going to ask her out?
Frasier: Oh right, Legs Lenley and Crane the Brain - in my dreams!
    Roz: Frasier, you act like you're still some dorky teenager; 
         you're a charming, successful man.
Frasier: Thank you, Roz.
    Roz: [mimicking] No problemo.
  Lorna: [comes over] Excuse me, I have to go show a house.  Frasier, 
         it was really nice to see you again.
Frasier: Oh, likewise.  Er, Lorna, listen, I realise that this is out 
         of the blue and you're very busy but I was wondering if you 
         might like to...  
  Lorna: Yes?
Frasier: ...appraise my apartment.  You see, I've decided to sell it.
  Lorna: Sure, I'd be happy to.  In fact I'm free tonight.
Frasier: Really?  Well, how's seven 'o clock?  I live at the Elliot 
         Bay Towers.
  Lorna: Oh, wow!  What a great building!
Frasier: Yes, well.
  Lorna: You've certainly done well for yourself.
Frasier: Yes, well, I think you'll find we've both come a long way 
         since high school.  You know, here, let me carry those for 

Frasier takes her books and helps her out of the café, smirking to 
Roz with delight as he follows her like the teenager that he is.

Scene Two - Frasier's Apartment.
Martin is putting his coat on as Frasier chats to him.

Frasier: Dad!  She'll be here any minute.
 Martin: Okay, I'm leaving.
Frasier: Listen, I'm sorry to uproot you like this.
 Martin: Oh, it's all right.  I'd rather clear the decks for a date 
         than for one of your theme parties.  Although I am kinda 
         sorry I missed "An Evening With Moe Howard."
Frasier: That was Noel Coward!

Niles enters.  They greet each other.

Frasier: Oh, Niles, what are you doing here?
  Niles: Well, I've got a crisis.  Tomorrow's Mel's birthday and I'm 
         planning a very romantic evening but my Gagino is on the 
 Martin: Oh jeez, I don't need to hear this!
Frasier: Dad!  It's a stove!
 Martin: I know; six burners and a griddle, don't you guys ever talk 
         about cars? [exits]
  Niles: Frasier, I'm desperate, can I possibly use your kitchen 
         tomorrow to prepare the meal?
Frasier: Yes, of course, Niles.  But listen, now you've got to go, I 
         have a date.
  Niles: Oh!  Anyone I know?
Frasier: Well, as a matter of fact, yes: Lorna Lenley.
  Niles: Oooh! [then:] No, really, who?
Frasier: It's true, I bumped into her today at the Café.
  Niles: Lorna Lenley?!  You, sir, have moxy!  Why, even with all my 
         vested authority as hall monitor I could never muster the 
         courage to ask to see her bathroom pass.  And you asked her 
         out!  Whoa!  I bow down before you, I doff my cap to you.
Frasier: Well, actually it's not really a date.
  Niles: I knew it!
Frasier: You see, she's coming over to appraise the apartment.  She's 
         in Real Estate and I tried to ask her out and I choked.  I 
         did get the impression that she was interested in me, 
  Niles: Well of course she is.  Oh and the coach called, you're 
         starting the big game on Sunday.
Frasier: All right, Niles, off you go.

Niles however wants to stay.  They begin arguing until the doorbell 

Frasier: She's here.  You've got one quick "hello" and then you're 
         gone, mister. [opens door to Lorna]
  Lorna: Hello, Frasier.
Frasier: Lorna, good to see you again.  Perhaps you remember my 
         brother, Niles.
  Lorna: Yes, hello Niles.

He can only let out a giggle.

Frasier: Well, now that you two have had a chance to catch up, I'll 
         see you later. 
  Lorna: Nice to see you again, Niles.

Niles giggles again and exits.

  Lorna: Oh, Frasier, wow!  What a great apartment! 
Frasier: Thank you.
  Lorna: Why are you selling it?
Frasier: Oh, I don't want to bore you with the details, it's a very 
         long, very complicated story.
  Lorna: Well, I'd love to hear it.
Frasier: Er, well, I need more closet space.  Could I interest you in 
         some wine?
  Lorna: Oh, I would love some.

Lorna takes off her jacket.  She is about to lay it on Martin's chair 
but she is put off and props it on the couch.

  Lorna: Do you remember Chip Clayton's graduation party?  Remember 
         when we broke into his father's liquor cabinet and we made 
         sangria out of a hundred dollar bottle of wine?
Frasier: [laughs at the memory then:] No.
  Lorna: You know, I should make some notes on your apartment. [she
         begins to]

Meanwhile, Frasier's conscience takes over as we hear his thoughts.

Frasier: [v.o:] What are you doing?  Tell her why you really asked her 
         over and drop this ridiculous charade.  You're not sixteen 
         years old any longer. 
  Lorna: Frasier, I'd love to see your bedroom.
Frasier: Of course. [v.o:] Lorna Lenley wants to see my bedroom!

Scene Three - Frasier's Bedroom.
Frasier and Lorna enter the bedroom, she is amazed.

  Lorna: Oh, Frasier, wow, another great room.
Frasier: Thank you.
  Lorna: Is this bed Scandinavian? [sits on the bed]
Frasier: You have a good eye. [v.o:] Lorna Lenley's on my bed!  Stop 
         acting like an adolescent!
  Lorna: Frasier, are you all right?
Frasier: No, no, actually Lorna, I'm not all right.  You see, when I 
         saw you this afternoon I immediately flashed back to the 
         hopeless crush I had on you in high school.  Of course it 
         didn't help matters much that you've hardly changed a bit 
         and I wanted to ask you out and I lost my nerve.
  Lorna: You mean all of this was just a ruse to get me up here?
Frasier: I'm afraid so.  So, now that I've sufficiently embarrassed 
         myself, I'll show you out.
  Lorna: [walks to him] You know, Frasier, I have to say I'm really 
         very flattered.
Frasier: Really?
  Lorna: Yes.  You know, it's not too late to ask me out.
Frasier: Would you like to have dinner with me this evening?
  Lorna: I'd love to.
Frasier: Wonderful.

Frasier walks out of the room calmly with her, however his mind isn't 
so calm.

Frasier: [ecstatic v.o:] I'm going out with Lorna Lenley!

                               2 GOOD
                               2 BE
                               4 GOTTEN

Scene Four - Frasier's Bedroom.
The following morning, Frasier and Lorna awake in each other's arms.

  Lorna: Hi.
Frasier: Hi.
  Lorna: I had a wonderful time last night.
Frasier: Me too.  It's like being back in high school, but with sex.
  Lorna: [laughs and kisses him] I don't want this to end.
Frasier: I must warn you, now that I've learned to finally ask you 
         out, I'll be doing a lot more of it.  Are you free this 
         evening?  You see, there I go already.  How about tomorrow 
         night?  Somebody stop me. [laughs]
  Lorna: Not me! [laughs and kisses him] I wonder what time it is?
Frasier: Hm, well, [looks at clock] ten 'o clock.
  Lorna: [shouting and sitting up] Oh crap, I'm late! 
Frasier: Is there something I can do?
  Lorna: Oh, yeah, make this lousy hangover go away.  Where the hell 
         are those aspirins. [empties content of handbag on bed]
Frasier: You know, perhaps I should get you a glass of water for 
         those.  Would you prefer sparkling or still?

Lorna takes them with some leftover red wine on the table.

Frasier: Or not, I see you're fine.
  Lorna: Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to finish this?
Frasier: No, no, you're the guest. 

Lorna uses her mobile phone.

  Lorna: [into phone:] Yeah, it's me, I'm running late.  Move my ten-
         thirty to eleven thirty. [shouts:] Just move it to eleven 
         thirty! [starts to smoke]
Frasier: I didn't realise you smoked?
  Lorna: Oh, I'm always trying to quit but my weight just balloons 
         up.  trust me, you don't want to see my ass when I'm off 
         these things!
Frasier: You know, I hate to be a fusspot but I'd prefer... 

Lorna's mobile sounds, she answers.

  Lorna: [into phone:] Yeah?  Well, who let the dog in?  Put your 
         brother on! [shouts:] Put your brother on!  Put your brother 
         on! [to Frasier:] Would you be a sweetie and make me some 
Frasier: [intimidated:] Okay.
  Lorna: [into phone:] You know that mess better be cleaned up by the 
         time I get home.  Both of you!  Put your brother on!  Put your 
         brother on! [shouts:] Put your brother on the phone!

Frasier, frightened, half runs to the door.

Lorna: [to Frasier:] Oh, this is nice.

Frasier is not so sure and exits the bedroom.

End of Act One.

Act Two.

Scene One - Frasier's Apartment.
Martin and Niles enter the apartment.  Niles is carrying cooking 

Martin: I still don't understand why you have to do all the cooking. 
        Why don't you just take Mel out for a nice meal?
 Niles: Well, because through cooking I can truly express my feelings 
        for her.  You know, the French have a saying...
Martin: Okay, okay, I was just making conversation until we got home.

They meet Frasier in the kitchen.  Martin exits to the kitchen as 
Frasier enters the main area. 

Frasier: Hi, dad.  Hello, Niles.
  Niles: I could really use some help preparing this dish today, if 
         you're not busy.
Frasier: Oh gosh, Niles, I've got a lot errands to run.  You know, why 
         don't you ask Daphne?
  Niles: [after a pause] Ah, all right.  Oh, oh, oh, how did things 
         go with Lorna? Did you summon up the courage to ask her out?
Frasier: Well, actually...
  Niles: Oh come on, Frasier, seize the moment.  Faint heart never 
         won fair lady.  You know, the French have a saying...

Lorna approaches him from behind and raffles his hair.

Lorna: Hi, Niles.

Niles exits to the kitchen, grinning like a school boy.

  Lorna: Come here.  I have some really great news. [lights a 
Frasier: Really?  Do tell.

They go out into the hallway.  She calls for the lift.

  Lorna: Well, I called my office, and after my eleven-thirty I'm 
         free for the rest of the day.
Frasier: Oh well, what are you planning on doing?

The elevator arrives.  An elderly woman is stood inside.  Lorna holds 
the lift.

Lorna: Being with you, silly. [kisses him]
Woman: Excuse me.
Lorna: [shouts] I'm coming! [then:] You know, you are the best thing 
       that has happened to me in a long time. [kisses him and the 
       gets into the lift before kissing him again, she finally gets 
       in:] I'm in, you happy?! [the doors close]

Frasier breathes out her cigarette fumes in surprise.

Scene Two - Frasier's Kitchen. Niles is hard at work on a dish. Daphne is acting as his assistant. Niles: Whisk. [she hands it to him, he whisks] Spoon. [she hands it to him, he stirs] Cheesecloth. [she wipes his brow as he tastes before the oven pings] Perfect timing. Daphne, open the oven. [she does as he places it into the oven] Ready. Daphne: Shall I close, Dr. Crane? Niles: Please. [she does] Daphne: Do you think it'll be all right? Niles: It's out of our hands now, Daphne. They fall about laughing as Daphne playfully hits him over the head with the oven gloves. Niles: Thank you for your help. Daphne: Oh, my pleasure. I haven't had this much fun in the kitchen since your brother caught his tie in the pasta machine. [laughs] Niles: [laughs] Oh, and the real fun's just beginning - clean-up. Niles picks a pan up and yelps as he scolds himself. Daphne: Oh, you silly sod, here, run it under some cold water, I'll fetch the aloe cream. [he runs his fingers under the water] Come here. [begins to rub the cream in] This'll help. Niles: I can't believe I just did that. Daphne: Oh, I do that sort of thing all the time. You must be careful, those pan handles get awfully hot. Niles: Oh well, not anymore, it's got a protective coating of skin on it. Daphne is getting a little carried away whilst she rubs the cream in. Daphne: Just give it a minute to absorb. Niles: That'll be fine. [she carries on] I'm feeling better already. Daphne however is completely absorbed herself. Niles: Thanks, Daphne. Martin then enters and interrupts them. Martin: Hey, what's up? Daphne: [nervous] Nothing. Why should anything be up? Dr. Crane burnt his hand and I was tending to it, that's all. Oh my, look at the time, I've got to run. [she picks up the clock and then runs out] Martin: Burnt, huh? Well, you might want to keep something cold on that. [gets a beer from fridge] Here, you can hold my beer for me while I watch the game. Martin gives Niles the beer to hold and exits, leaving Niles to run through the recent event in his head. Scene Three - Café Nervosa. Frasier is sat when Niles enters and sits with him. Niles: Hello, Frasier. Frasier: Hello, Niles. How are you? Niles: Fine. Although the oddest thing just happened. Frasier: Oh, that man on the corner's name is Pete. If you give him a dollar his monkey won't make those rude gestures. Niles: No, this is about Daphne. I burned my hand while I was cooking and she began putting first aid cream on it and in a very tender way and then, em, dad came in and she jumped as if she felt guilty. Is it possible Daphne has feelings for me? Frasier: [quickly] No. Niles: Ah well, as long as you've considered it from all angles! Frasier: If she was tender it was because you burnt your hand, if she jumped it was because dad startled her. Come on, Niles, can't you see what's really going on here? Niles: Well, obviously I haven't a clue. I thought that man's monkey was waving hello. Frasier: Your relationship with Mel is growing deeper. Isn't it possible that your fear of commitment is driving your mind to throw up these imaginary road blocks? Niles: You think so? Frasier: Well, you do have a history with this. Remember the day after you proposed to Maris? You went that evening to the opera, you were convinced that Leontyne Price was winking at you the whole night. Niles: I suppose there could be commitment issues here. Cooking a meal for one's mate is a big first step. Frasier: Yes, especially for you. I mean Maris never let you cook for her. Niles: That's true, the closest I ever got was re-stocking the pills in her bedside Lazy Susan. Roz approaches from behind reading "Wuthering Heights." Roz: Hey, guys. Niles: Oh hey, Roz. Frasier, thank you. It's a big help. [exits] Frasier: My pleasure, Niles. Roz: Bye. [sits] Frasier: Oh, Roz, I see the book club has moved on to "Wuthering Heights." Well... Roz: Oh, please tell me they made a movie out of this. Frasier: Twice. Roz: Amen! [bags the book] So how did your date with Lorna go? Did you get up enough nerve to ask her to dinner? Frasier: To dinner and breakfast! We spent the night together. Roz: Whoa! You went to bed with the prom queen? Frasier: Yes, I woke up with "Carrie!" She smokes, she screams, she's uncouth, and I'm actually meeting her here to break it off. Roz: So soon? Frasier: Well... Roz: With the way your love life's been going, you may want to squeeze a couple more dates out of it. You know, nuts for the winter! Frasier: Please, Roz, I could never do that sort of thing. Whenever I know that I have no future with a woman, I end it, right then and there. Especially a woman like Lorna, recently divorced and vulnerable... Roz: You always take the high road. Frasier: Well, you know, I like to think so. You know, if there's one thing I've learned, my old high school wounds are not going to be healed by sleeping with the prom queen. Roz: Tell me about it: prom queen, assistant principal. You can't go home again! Frasier looks shocked as Roz stands, who notices Lorna entering smoking a cigarette. Roz: Good luck. [exits] Lorna: [sits] How are you doing, babycakes? [kisses him, breathing her cigarette breath into him] Frasier: [sarcastic:] Thank you. Now, listen, Lorna about tomorrow night, em... Lorna: Oh, I'm sorry, I know we have plans but I completely forgot. It's the retirement dinner for Coach Palet. Frasier: Who? Lorna: Our high school football coach. I'd love it if you'd go with me. Frasier: Well, I have to be honest with you here... Lorna: Oh, come on, it'll be fun. The old gang'll be there. Frasier: The old gang, you say. You mean like Chip Clayton and Lad Lunkquist. Lorna: Yeah, the whole crowd. Imagine the looks on their faces when they see us walk in together. Frasier: Yes, imagine. Lorna: Oh, come on, say you'll be my date. Frasier: Well, I wouldn't want to let down the coach. They kiss as the waitress brings her coffee. Lorna: [shouts back] Yeah, a spoon'd be nice! Frasier looks slightly nervous. Scene Four - Frasier's High School Frasier and Lorna arrive. They are just outside of the gym where the dinner is being held. Lorna: Oh, everyone's inside already, we're a little late. Frasier: I guess we'll just have to make a grand entrance, after you. Lorna: I just have to check my makeup. Frasier: Well, why tamper with perfection? Lorna: Oh, aren't you sweet? Frasier: Shall we? Lorna's mobile sounds. She answers. Lorna: Hello? [shouts] What now? What? What? [hits phone then to Frasier:] My phone's playing up, I'm sorry, just two seconds, sweetie. Lorna goes off to the side as Frasier checks on the gym. It sounds busy and Frasier looks excited. Lorna: [arrives back shouting into phone:] No, you can't have a party! Because I said so. Put your brother on! Put your brother on! Put your brother on- [aside to Frasier:] just a second, sweetie- [to phone:] -the phone! You know, do what you want, I'm on a date! [hangs up] Frasier: Are you ready? Lorna: Ooop, you know what, this hook keeps coming undone. [Frasier fastens the back of her dress] Frasier: You know, I just took a look inside there. Everybody's here, even old Mr. "Most-Likely-To-Succeed," Chip Clayton. Lorna: Chip Clayton's a moron! Frasier: Well, you used to be rather fond of him back in school. Lorna: Well, everybody's changed since high school. Except you. Truly, you're still the same sweet, decent guy you always were. Frasier: Thank you. [thinks] Lorna: No I mean it, believe me, I've been with enough jerks and users to know the difference. Let's go. Frasier: Lorna, I can't go in there with you. Lorna: Why not? Frasier: Well, because I came here for the wrong reasons: so all the cool kids would see me with school's most popular girl and I let you believe that we had hopes for some sort of a future when I know in my heart that there is none. Well, if you walk in there with me it would be as my trophy and I just can't do that to you, I'm so sorry. Lorna: You expect me to walk into a room full of my ex-classmates by myself? Like some pathetic divorcée who couldn't scare up a date for some old jock sendoff? I don't think so! Frasier: Lorna... Lorna: You know, I thought you'd be a nice rebound fling, get my feet wet dating again. You don't want that, that's fine. But I'll tell you what we are going to do: You're going to take my arm, you're going to escort me in that room, we're going to dance, make out like freshmen and leave with your hand on my ass, you got it? Frasier: Shall we? And so the two trophies walk into the room together. End of Act Two. Credits: Café Nervosa - a bespectacled Roz sits reading with her boyfriend Jason. They chat amiably about books until Roz drops her bag, spilling out a Cliff's Notes summary of their current book. Jason waves the book at Roz disgustedly and exits the cafe as Roz throws her book at his retreating back. [N.B. Jason is played by Jane Leeves's real-life husband, Marshall Coben.]

Guest Appearances

 Special Guest Star
 JEAN SMART as Lorna
 Guest Starring
 SELMA STERN as Neighbor

Synopsis {kathy churay}



Scene One - Cafe Nervosa - Day
(Frasier, Roz, Lorna)

Roz rushes over to Frasier's table in a panic. She's joined a 
book club to impress her new flame Jason, and she has to read 
"The Great Gatsby" but was distracted by Alice's insomnia. She 
begs Frasier for a summary and is predictably bored when he 
obliges in his usual long-winded style. 

Frasier is just warming to his subject when he spots an 
attractive woman across the cafe and is immediately smitten. 
It's Lorna Lynley, the popular beauty Frasier had a crush on in 
high school. He gushes to Roz about Lorna's charms, yet manages 
to act coyly uncertain of her identity when Lorna spots him and 
comes over to introduce herself. Frasier shoos Roz off to 
another table and chats with Lorna, who is now a real estate 
agent and a fan of Frasier's radio show. Her cell phone rings 
and she moves away to take the call. Frasier rushes over to 
Roz's new table and rhapsodizes over Lorna. Roz suggests he ask 
Lorna out and Frasier laughs at the idea that she would be 
willing to go out with him. But Roz reminds him that he's come 
a long way since high school, and when Lorna returns he makes 
an attempt to ask her for a date. At the crucial moment he 
freezes and can't quite work up the nerve, so he asks her to 
appraise his apartment instead. Lorna agrees to come over that 
evening. As she leaves with Frasier carrying a big armful of 
her listing books, Roz rolls her eyes in amused sympathy.

Scene Two - Frasier's Apartment - That Evening
(Frasier, Martin, Niles, Lorna)

Frasier opens a bottle of wine as he hurries Martin out of the 
apartment for the evening. On Martin's way out he runs into 
Niles, who is in a panic because his stove is broken and he 
wants to prepare dinner for Mel's birthday the following 
evening. He's come to ask Frasier whether he can make the 
dinner at Frasier's apartment instead of his own. Frasier 
agrees, but tells Niles that he must leave because Lorna will 
be arriving at any minute. At first Niles refuses to believe 
that Frasier has actually made a date with the famous Lorna; 
Niles had quite a crush on her himself in high school. At that 
moment Lorna arrives and Fraiser introduces her to Niles. She 
remembers him, and we can see that he remembers her very well 
as he ducks his head and giggles helplessly on his way out the 

Frasier pours Lorna some wine as she begins to walk around the 
apartment and makes notes. As she works Frasier struggles with 
himself to tell her the real reason he asked her to come. He 
loses the battle with his conscience when Lorna asks to see his 


Lorna is full of compliments on what she sees as another 
wonderful room. She sits casually on Frasier's bed to examine 
it, then notices the uncomfortable expression on his face. 
Finally she asks him what the matter is and Frasier confesses 
that he has asked her over on false pretenses. Lorna is charmed 
and reminds Frasier that it's not too late for him to actually 
ask her out. She accepts his invitation to dinner, and as he 
follows her back to the living room he exults in voiceover that 
he has a date with LORNA LYNLEY!

Scene Title: "2 Good 2 Be 4Gotten"

Scene Three - Frasier's Bedroom - The Next Morning
(Frasier, Lorna)

It's "the morning after," and Lorna nudges Frasier awake with a 
big smile. In a moment they're both smiling as they begin to 
snuggle and talk about how much fun they had the night before. 
Lorna asks casually what time it is. Frasier tells her it's 10 

Instantly Lorna transforms from an affectionate schoolgirl to a 
hung-over middle-aged divorcee. She lights up a cigarette, 
washes down a couple of aspirin with the dregs of last night's 
wine, and screams at her secretary and her children on her cell 
phone. Frasier is completely turned off and is more than happy 
to scurry off to the kitchen to fill Lorna's request for some 


Scene One - The Living Room - Later That Morning
(Martin, Niles, Frasier, Lorna)

Martin and Niles arrive from a shopping trip, Niles carrying a 
basket of kitchen implements to make Mel's birthday dinner. 
Frasier enters from the kitchen bearing a tray with coffee and 
cups, and Niles pounces on him to ask his help with his recipe 
and find out how Frasier's date went with Lorna. Frasier 
declines to help and suggests Niles ask Daphne. He begins to 
tell Niles about the date but hesitates, and Niles jumps in 
with unneeded advice to Frasier about seizing the opportunity. 
"Faint heart never won fair lady!" he reminds his brother. 
Niles himself goes a bit faint when Lorna, now fully dressed, 
comes up behind him and ruffles his hair with a cheery, "Good 
morning, Niles!" Niles dissolves into helpless giggling and 
retreats to the kitchen with his basket of cooking tools.

Frasier walks Lorna to the elevator, where she reveals that 
most of her appointments for the day have been cancelled and 
she is free to spend the afternoon with him. Frasier feigns 
enthusiasm as she gets into the elevator, puffing on her 

Scene Title: "Ah, There's The Rub"

Scene Two - Frasier's Kitchen - That Afternoon
(Niles, Daphne, Martin)

Niles is completely absorbed in making his dinner for Mel, and 
Daphne assists him like a nurse slapping instruments into a 
surgeon's hand. He is more relaxed with her than he's ever been 
before, so completely natural and un-selfconscious that they're 
both having a grand time. He makes a funny remark and she slaps 
him casually on the head with an oven mitt, and they both have 
a good chuckle. But when Niles tries to clean up he burns 
himself on a hot pan. Daphne rushes for the first aid cream, 
and to Niles' surprise she becomes quite caught up applying 
aloe to his burned hand. Niles enjoys it for a minute, then 
starts to look quite uncomfortable. Several times he tells her 
he feels much better. But Daphne is mesmerized by the feeling 
of rubbing his hand and doesn't want to stop. As he realizes 
this Niles's face takes on a startled look that says, "I can't 
be seeing what I think I'm seeing... can I?" 

When Martin comes into the kitchen and asks innocently what is 
going on, Daphne jumps guiltily as she realizes what she's been 
doing. She shoots a startled glance at Niles and makes a lame 
excuse to race out of the kitchen. Niles is left looking 
thoughtful as Martin returns to the living room to watch 

Scene Three - Cafe Nervosa - Later The Same Afternoon
(Frasier, Niles, Lorna, Roz)

Niles joins Frasier's table to report on the success of his 
dinner preparations, but it soon becomes clear that he wants 
more than Frasier's approval of his cooking. In an amazed tone 
he recounts the incident > with amazement. He asked whether 
Frasier thought it was possible that Daphne had feelings for 
him. Frasier immediately dismisses the idea, so persuasively 
that he convinces Niles it is only his fear of making a 
commitment with Mel that is making him imagine things. Niles 
accepts his brother's reasoning and leaves, agreeing to put the 
incident out of his mind.

Roz comes over to join Frasier and ask for another book 
synopsis -- this time of "Wuthering Heights." Frasier tells her 
that he spent the night with Lorna. Roz is impressed, at least 
until Frasier tells her that charming Lorna has become a chain-
smoking shrew. In fact, he is meeting Lorna at the cafe to 
break off the relationship. Roz is impressed with Frasier's 
integrity and departs discretely as Lorna arrives.

Lorna apologizes to Frasier for having to change their date for 
the next evening. She has promised to attend a retirement 
dinner for their old high school football coach. On the spur of 
the moment she asks Frasier if he will go to the dinne with 
her. Frasier is about to tell her he is breaking up with her, 
but he stops short when she reminds him that all the "old gang" 
will be at the dinner, and that they will be amazed to see 
Frasier and Lorna together. Frasier gets a gleam in his eye at 
the thought of impressing his former high school enemies, and 
impulsively he agrees to attend the dinner as Lorna's date.

Scene Four - Frasier's High School - The Next Evening
(Frasier, Lorna)

Frasier and Lorna are about to enter the gym where the dinner 
is being held. Both of them are excited to see the old gang, at 
least until Lorna's phone rings and she is once again embroiled 
in a shouting match with one of her children. Frasier realizes 
he can't go to the dinner using Lorna as a trophy, and he tells 
her so. Lorna is irate that he would think of abandoning her 
and forcing her to enter a roomful of old classmates without a 
date like a pathetic loser. Firmly she gives Frasier his 
instructions: they are going to the dinner, where they will 
dance, make out like freshmen and leave with Frasier's hand on 
Lorna's ass. Is that clear? 

It seems perfectly clear to Frasier, and he meekly takes her 
arm and escorts her into the gym.

Credit Tag - Cafe Nervosa - The Next Day

A bespectacled Roz sits reading with her boyfriend Jason. They 
chat amiably about books until Roz drops her bag, spilling out 
a Cliff's Notes summary of their current book. Jason waves the 
book at Roz disgustedly and exits the cafe as Roz throws her 
book at his retreating back.


 This episode capsule is copyright 2000 by Nick Hartley, Kathy 
 Churay. This episode summary remains property of Frasier, Copyright 
 of Paramount Productions and NBC. Printed without permission. 

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