Frasier. Need more be said?

This site serves as an archive for most things Frasier, the television series. It was started because other sites containing Frasier content that were hosted for free were beginning to dry up. Rather than rely on a big company's free server that could go away in the future (along with all the data), this site was created in order to archive lost or forgotten Frasier content.

You may now post comments on episodes and certain pages (like top ten, about, etc.)

I am still working on this site and my last update was on August 12th, 2015 :-) But the good news is that all the original transcripts (264 of them) are up and available (thanks to Kelly Dean Hansen for pointing to the missing "Junior Agent" transcript). Also available are the season guides, top ten episodes (with user favorites), and about us.

**NEWS** The Frasier Transcripts are currently being translated to Japanese! Thanks to KASAHARA Yumiko for undertaking this massive effort! Click here to see the progress.

So what's left? Well, I'd love to have a Frasier Trivia section (perhaps to quiz you on your Frasier episode knowledge). All links in the transcripts now point to the corresponding episodes.

A lot of work went into the transcripts and porting them to this site. A page was written about that. If you see any errors in the transcripts or have additional content to add, please send me a note via our contact form. For example, a reader has already transcribed portions of the specific transcripts into French (where Frasier speaks French, yet the transcript used to only show the English subtitles). There are most likely other spelling errors (usually when a character speaks another language). Remember, these transcripts were written pre-Google era (because now you can just search with misspellings and suggestions will pop up). Oh yeah, and more banner images too. The few that exist now were created by me exclusively for this site.

If you have any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions please feel free to pass them along

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